The Untamed Wilds: Electric Skies

Tellerian Hawke

Defender of Oerth

"...There were three other gangers present for the murder, but they were also provided security codes by whomever paid them. The one that confessed was low level and doesn't know who hired them, but at least we know what gang it was now. The sleaze HPD has is named Ponder Tom, and we can't get to him. I bet if we ask around to find some of his friends, we might track down some answers."

This means that Ponder Tom and the other three Hudus were pawns. They might have pulled the trigger, but someone higher up, maybe Gibraltar, maybe someone higher than her, ordered the hit.

Hawkeye says, "Look, man, we've got no problem with most gangers, including the Hudus. To be honest, most of what you guys used to be involved in was low-level, run-of-the-mill type stuff. But this Gibraltar chick is taking the Hudus in a new, and dangerous direction. And even beyond that, she is taking her marching orders from someone even higher up the chain. Pretty soon, whoever is pulling her strings is going to run out of use for her; when that happens, Gibraltar, along with the rest of the Hudus, will become sacrificial lambs, patsies to take the blame for something big, so that the "big boss" can keep his or her hands clean. I know you don't want to be someone's patsy; no one does. So I tell you what: setting up an ambush for her would go a lot smoother if we had eyes and ears inside the Axelrad. Do you think you'd be up to helping us? If we take out Gibraltar, that would leave the Hudus in a position to elect a new leader, and go back to the way things were. Who knows, maybe that leader could be you? What do you say to that?"

86 (d100 roll) + 10 (Commercial) + (?) Persona? (Persona = 6) = 96 (?) 104 (?)

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Gamer Extraordinaire
OOC: Game Mechanics: Negotiate. For negotiation rolls I use three tasks 1. Aggression (because body language counts), 2. Negotiate (the words used to convince, Commercial skills are already added into this task), 3. Clarity (in TUW: ES magic is both a conscious and unconscious action, subtly manipulating things in your favor)

Negotiation: Hawkeye (Aggression) 20, (Negotiate) 28, (Clarity) 16 = 64 + 86 (d100) = 150

This is an opposed roll so Bilak gets to resist: Pretty Bilak (Aggression) 20, (Negotiate) 22, (Clarity) 15 = 57 + 25 (d100) = 82

Now we compare the numbers: Hawkeye 150 – Pretty Bilak 82 = 68 (if the resulting number is positive, then the action is successful. The higher the number, the greater the success. Since the number is over 50, complete success is achieved. Not only does Hawkeye convince Pretty Bilak to help with their run, he actually makes him think he could be the leader of the Hudu Krew, which Hawkeye knows is utter drek.

Not that he needed the help, but since Trollick is present, he could declare giving an assist to the negotiate action, which would give Hawkeye a +25 bonus to his roll


Creator of The Untamed Wilds
Trollick feigns surprise. "Well now, that is a fortuitous bit of unexpected intel. We have no particular leaning to any specific gangs, but it sounds like some management struggle might be beneficial all the way around. Perhaps it was a bit of luck we found ourselves enjoying a drink here. The bowling was good peaceable break, too."

"I cannot provide you with any intentions on our part at this time. We prefer task pay without any influence bent, but it's amazing what interests some payers have. Who knows we might bowl a game two again sometime in the near future."

While he is talking, Trollick messages Syd that they should be on the way out. When he finishes speaking, he nods to Hawkeye, indicating his desire to depart.
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Title Goes Here

The two Runners part ways with Bilak, who seems in much better spirits than when he entered, and meet back up with Syd. The three depart to a nearby coffee shop to discuss their plans. The place is well lit and not too crowded so that the Runners feel no one is observing them.

As the conversation turns to what to do about the Hudu Krew and their link to Hawkeye’s parents, Shatterframe walks into the shop and sits down at your table. With a coy smile she says, “Hi, fellas. What are we up to tonight?”

State intentions


Creator of The Untamed Wilds
Trollick nods at Shatterframe and speaks to the group. "I'm thinking we need to see what we can learn of Gibraltar and the Axelrad Lounge. Hawkeye, a lot of this may fall to you. You may be able to find floorplans or some such pertinent information on the VR for the club."

"Shatterframe, you know of anyone offer cred for a run at the lounge or anything specific against the Hudu?"
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Shatterframe takes a drag from her dispenser and responds, "The only jobs I have for your level are the one's I offered. Gibraltar? She owns the Axelrad, although I've heard she's been pulling strings with the Hudu since her old gang got snuffed. She's there most nights. Have you tried talking to her? If she's at her lounge, she's not going to want to start trouble. That's her baby. She's a business woman, though, so expect to give up something for the information."

Shatterframe smiles and offers, "Do any of you remember the night we met at the Axelrad Lounge, I told you the Mars Corporation secretly runs the Hudu Krew?"


Creator of The Untamed Wilds
... Shatterframe smiles and offers, "Do any of you remember the night we met at the Axelrad Lounge, I told you the Mars Corporation secretly runs the Hudu Krew?"
Trollick shakes his head. "I remember the night but not the conversation. I am a bit out of the loop on corporate info, having been raised outside of the city. I don't really understand the significance of Mars, specifically being involved, but I understand the gravity of any corporation being involved."

He looks at each of the crew members. "So what are we looking for here? Is our beef with Gibraltar on info about Hawkeye's parents?"

Tellerian Hawke

Defender of Oerth
Hawkeye asks Shatterframe, "Do you think it would be wise to ask her directly about one of her contracts? Especially if my parents had some sort of dirt on the Mars Corporation? Sounds like it could get dicey to me."


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Shatterframe takes another drag from her dispenser and shrugs. "Depends on how you ask, Hawk. As a former Runner myself, I can give you some good advice: don't let her know this is a personal issue for you. Treat it like a job, just a bit of business. If she knows you're emotionally invested in her information she'll jack up the price on you. Other than that, I don't see that she would care. I know when your parents were killed Gibraltar was still with the Slik Niks. I doubt she was involved at all, but if she's running the Hudu Krew now then she'll know something about what went down."

Tellerian Hawke

Defender of Oerth
Hawkeye nods. Knowing that the murder happened BEFORE Gibraltar's arrival is a huge help.

Hawkeye says. "Ok, let's talk to Gibraltar soft and calm, with casual interest and see what she can tell us."


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Our new leader, Gibraltar, joined with the Krew after her old gang, the Slik-Niks, were wiped out by HPD.
Sorry, I thought that message was clearer.

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Gibraltar is Going to Kill You (just kidding, she’s a possible contact if you play this right)

Shatterframe has her sedan parked outside and the Runners get in to go to the Axelrad Lounge, which doesn’t close. On the way to the bar she says, “I’ve done a little more digging and I found a few more tidbits that might help you. Gibraltar only bought the Axelrad a couple of weeks before you three met there. At the time, the area around the Axelrad was Wild Wongos turf. The Hudu Krew used the bar as a home base to push the Wongos out of the territory. There were several bloody fights in these streets around there.”

It’s about 2:30 am when you pull up, but the place still has customers. The bar looks exactly as it did the time you visited when the Runners first decided to take jobs together. As always, Shatterframe stays in the car and the Runners make their way to the entrance, just another night in Helton. At the door the bouncer hands you devices to place on your guns to prevent their use, and watches you install them, same process as most every establishment in the city.

There is no physical bartender, orders are placed with phones and delivered by ceiling drones. The Runners get a round of drinks and send a message that they wish to speak with the owner in person. A message returns that the owner, Gibraltar, is currently available at her table in the far corner. An indicator directs you to which one, and you find the giant woman seated alone and smiling as you approach. Her body is broad and muscular, and she has long, pale braids of hair. You don’t see any guards near her, but this is her place, so she doesn’t need any.

She motions for you to sit with her, folds her hands on the table and says, “I’m Gibraltar. Let me know what the biz is, chums, and I’ll tell you if I can help. Before we go any further, my help is never free, but we’ll talk terms when I know what I can do for you.”

Before you can ask for anything, Gibraltar’s eyes go wide and she says, “Drek! I just got a message that someone shut off the security for my bar.”

At that instant a loud chorus of screams goes up from the entrance and a crowd of people rush into the Axelrad. They are wearing black leather jackets and go gang helmets painted with open mouthed faces on the front, as though always screaming. They each carry a gladius with sharp, gleaming edge. The two bouncers at the front manage to squeeze off a shot each from their pistols before they are both cut down mercilessly. The attackers start fighting the customers, but several run directly at your table.

Gibraltar exclaims,
“Wild Wongos! They must have found out my best soldiers are across town.” She looks directly at you three. “They turned off my defenses through the VR. Back me up in this fight, and I’ll owe you a favor each. If you agree, pick a Wongo, and start taking ‘em out.”

Gibraltar steps out from behind the table, and moves towards the attacking gangers. From a pocket she pulls a folding battle-staff and extends it as she nears the lead Wongo.

Provide seven rolls and state intentions for combat. The Wild Wongos are determined to kill everyone in the Axelrad Lounge. Combat cannot be avoided. You may remove the barrel blocks from your guns so that you can use them. It will cost you an action for each one.
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combat map - Axelrad Lounge.png

Axelrad Lounge - Interior: The lines against the outside walls represent booths. All of the booths have tables and chairs in them, but I didn't want to draw all that. The circles in the middle are free tables. They are bolted to the floor and cannot be moved. There are chairs around all of them, but I didn't want to draw all that. There are customers all through the place, but I didn't want to draw all that. If the Runners use any area of effect spells or full auto fire, they WILL hit a number of customers represented by a d10 roll made by me, the GM, not the player. If a player shoots a firearm in the Axelrad and misses, there is a 30% chance, rolled by me, the GM, not the player, that the errant shot will strike a customer.

The map numbers:
1. Gibraltar's table - This is where the Runners are, and at this point all the Runners have been able to do is stand up

2. The front entrance

3. The rear exit - Does not lead to the outside, but deeper into the skyscraper and the bar's performance and storage areas.

4. The free tables - They are bolted to the floor and cannot be moved. If a Runner wants to jump on top of a table, they will support the weight and not collapse.

5. Where the Wild Wongos are. Players need to determine which direction they will approach from, or if they will simply wait for the Wongos to come to them. Gibraltar is approaching the attackers down the right aisle. The Wongos are attacking customers too and if the Runners wait, more customers will die and it will look like the Runners were scared to fight, which will affect Gibraltar's attitude towards them. The Wongos have an interesting defense - if they are struck in the head, protected by their bike helmets, then they have Heavy Armor. All other places on their body have light armor.
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Syd, no lover of the Double W's, sees a great opportunity in helping Gibralter. He skirts to his left to take as many Wongos out on that side that he can. Since they carry gladii, Syd grabs his Wilkenson Sword, but also, his sidearm and goes to work.
Firing at the Wongos, trying to aim each shot so as not to hit the Civvies, Syd gets halfway down the table line, (Remember: Syd's left is the aisle on the right side of the map), then leaps onto the tables, telling the civvies to get down on the floor, gun still blazing between his dodges, whilst maneuvering closer and closer to the Wongos, until he is upon them and going toe-to-toe with them, his Wilkenson 3T a blur of multi-colored flashing steel as it catches the various colors of the neon lights all around the Axelrad interior.

(Rolls for next few rounds: 92, 83, 45, 68, 87, 39)
And the 7th roll: 88! (OOC: As in Rocket 88? Boy, I'm old to remember/think of that.)
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Trollick says nothing.

At this point, Trollick's firearm is basically for show. He does not really need it. Since Syd moved to the left and Gibraltar to the right, Trollick will directly into the crowded area in the center of the bar. Targeting the nearest WW, he manipulates the available thermal way lines to unnaturally overheat the target.
OOC: Rolls: 87, 88, 40, 73, 82, 44, 96+47

effectiveness: 22(bending) + 36(heat) + d100
resistance: conditioning + fury / bolster + d100
damage factor: 10
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Tellerian Hawke

Defender of Oerth
75, [92+33], 50, 71, 58, 89, 56

Hawkeye stands up, and runs straight (diagonally, to the southwest, assuming that the top of the map is north) toward the free tables, unplugging his barrel as he does so. He will leap onto the first table he comes to, then hop from table to table, like a frog on a series of lilypads, until he has a good shot at any of the Wongos---but preferably the leader.

Hawkeye says to Gibraltar, "Get behind me! I'll--ok, nevermind."

Hawkeye intends to ventilate every Wongo member within range. Period.
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I Rolled All This Randomly
Runners: Syd Vicious, Trollick, Hawkeye
Hudu Krew: Gibraltar, Sword Hudu, Bow Hudu 1, Bow Hudu 2
Wild Wongos (chemically enhanced): Chansky, Arlem Soulkilla, Pretty Bilak, WW1, WW2, WW3, WW4, WW5, WW6

Syd 82+92(+83)=257, Trollick: 79+87=166, Hawkeye: 74+75=149, G:85+23=108, SH: 80+76=156, BH1: 75+52=127, BH2: 75+59=134, Ch: 80+12=92, AS: 80+80=160, PB: 80+96(+57)=233, WW1: 80+05=85, WW2: 80+32=112, WW3: 80+94(+07)=181, WW4: 80+26=106, WW5: 80+55=135, WW6: 80+38=118

Syd: 53, Trollick: 15, Hawkeye: 45, G: 40, Hudus: 30, WW: 30
Syd: 204, Trollick: 151, Hawkeye: 104, G: 68, SH: 126, BH1: 97, BH2: 104, Ch: 62, AS: 130, PB: 203, WW1: 55, WW2: 83, WW3: 151, WW4: 76, WW5: 105, WW6: 88

Syd, PB, Trollick, WW3, AS, SH, WW5, Syd, Hawkeye, BH2, PB, BH1, WW6, WW2, WW4, G, Ch, WW1, Trollick, WW3, AS, SH, WW5, Syd, Hawkeye, BH2, PB

Syd removes his barrel plug and moves forward to his left.

It is impossible to tell one Wongo from the other. They are wearing identical armor and helmets without insignias. They are all extremely fast, leading you to believe they are enhanced with some kind of chemical. The first one surges forward ahead of the pack, right towards Gibraltar. He goes to leap onto the first table, misjudges where his foot lands, and slides his foot across the table top, smashing his genitals into the edge of the table in a clumsy scissor fashion. As he is cursing and rolling on the floor you recognize the voice of Pretty Bilak

Pretty Bilak: 80+03(less than 05 on d100 is critical failure)=83 Body: 10-1=9, 5 loss to Speed of Action: 103-5=98, loss of action

Trollick moves forward, ignores the pathetic cries of Pretty Bilak, and targets one of the Wongos heading towards Gibraltar with his Mystical assault. The man erupts in flame, ignored by his comrades who continue to charge.

Trollick: 85+88=173, WW1: 80+08=88, 173-88=85, 17 Damage, Soak -10, 7 Damage, Body: 10-7=3, 70/2=35 loss to Speed of Action, 55-35=20 move down the list

Screaming like a maniac, WW3 comes tearing down the right-hand aisle straight for their main target, Gibraltar. He swings his diamond edged gladius, but Gibraltar blocks it with her staff, neither one gaining an advantage.

WW3: 80+65=145, Gibraltar: 85+64=149

Close to where Pretty Bilak racked himself, another of the Wild Wongos starts laughing hysterically, points at Pretty Bilak and says, “You lost to a table, son! What kinda drek is that?” You recognize the annoying voice of Arlem Soulkilla, who could not resist mocking Bilak’s missed jump.

Arlem Soulkilla: 80+16=96, fail, loss of action

Just because you did not see Gibraltar’s guards, did not mean she did not have any. From one of the booths a Hudu steps out with a short sword and moves to attack the Wongo squared off with Gibraltar. At least some members of the Wild Wongos came to play, and as Sword Hudu moves in to attack, WW3 performs a spectacular spin move that slashes through his light armor and almost severs the Hudu’s arm.

Sword Hudu: 80+64+25=169, WW3: 80+93(+72)=245, 169-245=-76, counter attack: 19 damage, SH: 19-10 soak = 9 Body damage, SH: Body 10-9=1, Speed of Action loss 45, SH 26-45= 0, loss of action

Another Wongo charges in with manic speed, targeting Trollick. The attack is clumsy and predictable and Trollick easily dodges aside as the diamond edged gladius slices off a piece from a nearby table.

WW5: 80+08=88, Trollick: 85+40=125, 88-125=-37, fail

Since the Wongo in front of Gibraltar just cut down a Hudu, Syd decides he needs a bullet point blank. With his AK4700 he rips a burst across the Wongos ribs, but the Light armor keeps them from punching through.

Syd Vicious: 80+45+25=150, WW3: 80+16=96, 54=16 Damage, Light armor: 20 deflect-16=4

Hawkeye removes his barrel plug and moves forward.

Another hidden Hudu guard stands up on his table unfolding a short bow. He nocks an arrow, aims at the Wongos and fires. The arrow finds its target, but does not penetrate the light armor.

BH2: 75+99(+14)=188, WW6: 80+47=127, 12 damage, Light Armor deflect: 20-12=8

Pretty Bilak lurches to his feet and stumbles forward, hoping to gang up on Trollick. Even when fighting with favorable odds, Bilak’s combat skills are pathetically inadequate, and Trollick slaps his arm away as he thrusts for his chest.

PB: 75+43+25=143, Trollick: 85+73=158

From the booth where Sword Hudu emerged another Hudu stands with an identical short bow to BH2. She aims and fires at the Wongos but only scratches the armor of WW2, doing no damage.

BH1: 75+33=108, WW2: 80+26=106

Wongo 6 charges at BH2, his gladius leading the way. He manages a poor thrust, but it is turned aside by BH2’s light armor.

WW6: 80+72=152, BH2: 75+67=142, 2 damage, 10 deflect -2=8

Wongo 2 charges BH1, leaping over booths as she goes. When she reaches the archer her swing goes wide, slicing into the wall behind her instead.

Leap check: WW2: 80+24=104, success. WW2: 80+17=97, BH1: 75+67=142, attack failed

Wongo 4 takes the same tactic as he charges in to flank BH2. WW4 has far more success, and as he leaps over the last booth he thrusts ahead with the gladius. Occupied with the foe in front of him, BH2 does not react in time and gets skewered. He crumples around the blow and slumps down in the booth, finished.

Leap check: WW4: 80+52=132, success. WW4: 80+89+25=194, BH2: 75+12=87, 26 damage, 8 deflect -26=18 damage, Body 10-18=8 Mind, 10 Mind-8=2 Mind

The carnage brings a smile to Gibraltar’s face as she spins into her attack with the battle staff. As WW3 rocks back from the impact of Syd’s bullets, she strikes him from the other side, shattering his ribs and knocking him back a step. WW3 wobbles on his feet, barely standing, but still gripping his diamond edged gladius.

Gibraltar: 85+79+50=214, WW3: 80+60=140, 214-140=74, 18 damage, 10 deflect -18 =8 damage, Body 10-8=2, Speed of Action loss=40, 51-40=11, After AS now

"Y'all can't even kill one gutter-slitch?" Chansky asks and shakes his head as he pulls out a heavy pistol from a hidden holster and shoots at Gibraltar, not caring who he might hit. Chansky fires a perfect shot at the giant, tearing between the armor plates and rocking her back. Gibraltar still stands, but her armor is penetrated.

Chansky Battle Focus: 80+43=123, success. Chansky: 80+98(+74)=252, G: 85+76=161, 252-161=91, 27 damage, Gibraltar 25 deflect-27 = 2 damage, Body 10-2=8

Charred and smoking, Wongo 1’s nerve breaks and he flees, heading for the front entrance. He exits the Axelrad before anyone can stop him.

WW1 Battle Focus: 80+11-35=56, failure, flees battle

Outnumbered in melee, Trollick keeps his fists up for defense and attacks again with his magic, focusing to Heat Pretty Bilak.
Trollick: 85+82=167, Pretty Bilak: 80+47=127, 167-127=40, 8 damage, 10 soak -8=2

Arlem Soulkilla controls his laughing fit and charges, leaping onto a table next to attack Trollick. Hemmed in by his opponents, AS manages to slice Trollick but his armor soaks it.

Leap check: AS: 80+54=134, success. AS: 80+21+50=151, Trollick: 85+44=129, 151-129=22, 5 damage, 5 soak – 5 =0

Wongo 3 swings again, hoping to make himself a hero by finishing off Gibraltar. As soon as he raises his hand to strike Gibraltar thrusts forward with her battle staff in a brilliant counterstrike, striking him in the throat and crumpling his windpipe.

WW3: 80+18-40=48, G: 85+78-10+50=203, 48-203=-155, 38 damage

Wongo 5 attempts to take down Trollick with another swing. Again, the clumsy attacks cannot touch Trollick, and he lashes back with an elbow to catch WW5 in the shoulder.

WW5: 80+28+50=158, Trollick: 85+96(+47)=228, 158-228=-70, 3 damage, 10 soak -3=7

With the Wongo attacking Gibraltar down, Syd leaps forward with his Wilkinson sabre to strike at Arlem Soulkilla, currently teaming up on Trollick. He does not want to shoot and possibly hit his large friend. He cuts across the shoulder of AS, but does not pierce the light armor.

Syd: 80+68+25=173, AS: 80+80=160, 173-160=13, 2 damage, 10 soak -2=8

Hawkeye leaps onto the first table and takes aim at Chansky, knowing he cannot leave an enemy pistol at range unanswered. Hawkeye lines up his shot perfectly, but as he fires Chansky leaps aside at the last second. The bullet hits the wall behind him, and not the customers still cowering in the booths and recording the bar-fight.

Hawkeye: 74+93(+33)=200, Chansky: 80+91(+75)=246, miss

End of Round One

Hudu Krew so far: Gibraltar Body: 8; Sword Hudu Body: 1; Bow Hudu 2 deceased

Wild Wongos so far: Wongo 1 fled, will not return; Wongo 3 deceased

Give me a fresh set of six rolls
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Tellerian Hawke

Defender of Oerth
Hawkeye will continue trying to ventilate Chansky. ~Funny how the winds of fate blow; we gave Chansky a chance, and this is how he repays us?~

83, 55, 90+19, 75, 82, 61


Creator of The Untamed Wilds
Not limited to heat, which is the most common talent of those who can wield magic, Trollick switches to a less recognizable method of assault, that of sound, a painfully piercing annoyance that only the target can hear. As instinctive as mechanical manipulation is becoming, Trollick does not need isolated concentration to perform the talent. While mystically assaulting foes, he will physically engage Soulkilla with his bare hands, hoping to knock the man down.

Trollick will focus on taking AS out as his first priority.
78, 60, 85, 80, 77, 67

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