The wayfinders of the floating tower


BARRAKAS 22, 998 the 17th BELL

“Do you hear that? Sounds like water.” Says the Dragon Shaman.

“It’s a sewer. Water is everywhere.” Replies the Magus.

“There’s an echo to it. Large room coming up.” Warns William.

Cautiously they step into a large room with eight separate large pipes pumping raw sewage into four drains. These drains form four separate whirlpools that empty deeper into the dungeons of old Sharn.

“I think I’m going to be sick.” Gags Jackalaine.

“Yeah- its ripe.” Says William looking at it and considering how he will get around these pools in his heavy armor.

The four pools are connected by fast moving streams of brown lumpy water. “I’ll go first.” Says Lia as she considers how to do this. The channels are 10 feet wide and there is no way to tell how deep they are.

She backs up, begins to take a deep breath but gags as she inhales. Frowning, she steps back and rushes forward and jumps over the crap and lands safely on the other side. One more channel to cross… but first… the others.

The Dragon Shaman unfolds his small but effective wings and flies over. Jackie considers using one of her most powerful spells to fly but decides not to. She tries to leap across as Lia had but fails and falls into the crap. William leaps in to save her. The channel is only a foot deep but the current is strong and there is a lot of sludge on the floor of it. His footing is not great so he makes of point of getting her across quickly then himself. Magus jumps across with ease.

They go to cross the final channel. Lia, Blaze and Bloodmage easily cross. Deciding it is safer, William merely picks up Jackie and walks her most of the way before handing her over to the others. “That could have been worse.” He comments… before it attacks.

Suddenly something falls from an unseen ledge above onto the Kensai warrior. It is covered with thorns and has long tentacles on it. These tentacles reach and wrap around his arm and grapples for his sword.
His grunts of pain cannot be heard under the weight of the aberration. Not wanting to step into the crap, the others try to strike at it from a distance. Their abilities are limited at this range and this limitation causes William a great deal of pain as the creature continues to grapple and constrict on his pinned body. Soon he stops fighting it and… dies.

Jackie screams out in anger and pain. She steps up to lash out at it but instead, sensing the magic she calls up, it reaches out and grabs her. It drags her into the sewer and to her. Now it constricts her body and drowns her in the sewer water under its great mass. They do all they can against the creature hoping to save both teammates. Soon, Jackie also stops moving under the creature’s great weight. The creature finally succumbs to its injuries but too late… both William and Jackalaine are dead.

“This is BS,” snarls the Magus, “This wasn’t supposed to happen like this.”

“I don’t want to stay down here. I want to go back to the surface.” Says Lia.

“Yes. And we will bring them to the surface also.” Says the Shaman.

“William’s armor will hold us back- maybe stop us.” Warns the Magus.

“Let that. Bring his sword. It was a family gift.”

“and her with all of her equipment.”

“I agree. “ says the Magus. He goes to her body and feels the weight of her pack. “say- what does she have anyway?” he says with a mischievous smile.

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BARRAKAS 23, 998 the 20th BELL

“Did you see anyone following ir’Harddok?” asks the human with a strong and thick bow attached to his pack.

“No but Damian DeFiend has used changelings before. We should still split up here and enter separately.” Answers the other thin almost gaunt human wearing a wide hat and yellow robes.

Filo Fox freedman (Triple F) goes first. The cleric theurge mystic goes first. He is silent as he goes. The rain stays off of his face from the protection of his hat. He hesitates briefly at the doorway to the Broken Anvil Inn as if to verify this is where he is going. In truth he is looking around him to see if anyone is following him. Seeing no one he goes in.

Jasyne Symtex, the archer Kensai warrior, takes a different route to the Inn. He smiles at the ½ elf ladies of the night but moves on. He is working and must remain more focused and follow the path set before him. When he reaches the entrance to the Inn he makes a point of avoiding the deeper of the water puddles as he jumps to the stairs.

He notes there are few patrons within the bar tonight. A few dwarves and that are all. Maybe Darkko ir’Harddok was just being paranoid. He has been this way ever since Filo and he returned from Droaam with the Lost Tome of Grootan the Fierce. He feels either Damian or someone has hired the wretched elf to follow their patron where ever he goes.

Jasyne orders a drink and sits with his back to the wall and watches any and all who come into the place. ir’Harddok is already here. The dwarven patron of the Wayfinders of the Floating Tower arrived early. Irritating but not unexpected. He seems glum for a rich Aundairan Lord. Something is wrong. Perhaps his son had bad news for him.

Shortly the door opens and out of the rain comes three dirty and very smelly adventurer types with tarps that may or may not contain bodies. They scan the room briefly then zoom in on the dwarf. The dwarf nods to the hallway with the private rooms. He and the adventurers enter the hallway. Filo looks over to Jasyne and they get up and follow.

Even as the strange looking scaled humanoid begins to argue with the dwarf the two humans enter.

“Good to see you. Please meet my help- this is Blaze Redscale, Mageblood and Lia Xiloscient. Behind them are Jackalaine and I believe you knew William.” (nods to Jasyne whom came from the same training facility)

“These are two others whom have worked for me in the past, Filo Fox Freedman and Jasyne Symtex.”

“You knew of their deaths already?” asks Lia.

“No. They were here assisting me already on something else. However, they may aid you in completing your job.”

“We brought them back with their equipment. We thought they had families that would have wanted them brought back.”

“You show honor to both William, his family and the training facility we came from. I thank you.” And Jasyne gives a short and sharp nod then seems lost in thought until Lord Darkko ir’Harddok asks them to bring the bodies to his apartment where they can be washed up and magically prepared to be brought back to Aundair.

With obvious dislike of the smell they radiate from their sewer adventuring bodies, the two employees pick them up and leave.

“Now, let’s talk about what happened.” Suggests the dwarf with a grim and serious look on his face.


BARRAKAS 24, 998 Soon after the 20th BELL

The three surviving adventurers complete their tale of goblin markets; destroyed bridges, bug bears and their traps and then the creature that fell from the dark and crushed William then drowned Jackalaine in sewer water (UGH!).

They wish to try it again tomorrow which the dwarf is quick to okay. Perhaps too quick to say as the Magus then is equally quick to ask for more equipment and a better map. Insulting the dwarf (whom drew the map himself based on information he and his agents gathered) means they gain no extra equipment but do gain two replacement agents (Wayfinders if you prefer) in the form of Filo and Jasyne. The following 2 hours are spent retelling the tale and working out details.

Bloodmage, the magus, is still curious to the point of concern about the section referred to as the gator Alley. It is explained as an area where alligators and/or crocodiles have been seen but there is a strong bridge that goes over it. There is no reason for concern.

Finally it is agreed to meet at the D-12 stairway in the morning and the five Wayfinders will try again to find the draconic tome.


BARRAKAS 25, 998 Early Afternoon (Unknown for sure to them)

The group of five Wayfinders continue going deeper into the dungeon-like setting of Undersharn’s sewers. Rats, insects, centipedes and various types of mold is everywhere. The creatures skitter about looking for food and shelter. They sense, they know what is coming. The PCs have not figured it out. Not yet anyway.

They come to another bridge made of stone. The water is beginning to splash onto the bridge walkway as the river of sewer water and collecting rain water continues to rise. When aiming their light source onto the water’s surface they once more see eyes like before. They are still in Gator Ally. Both Filo and Mage Blood stare at these crocs. These crocs seem different. Their eyes seem brighter and their scaly armored hide seems… metallic.

Wary of them but otherwise unafraid of them, Lia fires two cross bolts into a crocodile which then sinks into the brown swirling water. Then silence.

A very deep and somewhat hard to understand voice someone or something calls out to the group from above even as the Magus had begun to cross the bridge. Blaze, whom understands what is being said translate. It is draconic.


After hearing the translation, the Elven swashbuckler is quick to comment on his voice. Filo wonders if the group would cover for him if he pushed her into the water with the strange looking crocodiles.


“Your children?!? What kind of freak are you messing with a crocodile?”

Now most of the party is thinking just what Filo was. Blaze covers her mouth and replies in Draconic. “We mean no harm to you or the crocodiles here. We merely wish to cross.”

The Magus calls back to the others- “Who are the hunters?” For the most part he is ignored as something large swoops through the edge of the light within the sewer cavern.

“MUMPHHH?” [Translation from Lia- What was that?]

Blaze’s heart skips a beat. He thinks he knows what that was. “Please show yourself.” Lia points her crossbow at a crocodile once more. Fire erupts out of the darkness. They are forced to leap out of the way. The large metallic creature then swoops low into the light and back to the darkness. “DRAGON!” calls out Jasyne.

Indeed, the creature circles back and lands on the bridge. A young Brass Dragon. =YOU THREATEN MY CHILDREN! STOP! I KILL YOU=

“WE MEAN NO HARM! We are merely scared by your presence and that of the creatures in the water that surround us.” answers Blaze bowing his head.

The Magus listens to the dragon and watches its motions. So does Jasyne with his bow in hand.


Jasyne feels the Dragon is becoming irrational and means to attack. The whole time it was screaming at them the “children” were slowly coming closer. Two of his three magical arrows strike home.

=ATTACK! EAT THE MEAT! = The unbalanced Dragon screams out. The whole scene is unsettling to Blaze whom wishes not to harm or even dishonor the dragon. He sees it is a type that normally lives above ground in much warmer and dryer climates than a sewer allows. He fears it has somehow rotted its brain and made it unreasonable.

Jasyne kills the dragon with several more direct hits with his bow even as the crocodiles climb onto the bridge. Not wanting to be a part of this Blaze takes to the air as the others begin to attack the climbing ½ dragon crocs. Using bows, magic and melee weapons they cut into the creatures. One croc attempts to snag Blaze before he gets too high and does nip him on the leg but fails to pull him down. The Wayfinders make short work of the creatures.

They search the body of the dragon hoping to find magical items or treasure but find nothing. Blaze gives a quiet prayer to the dragon and wonders if he belongs with this group that so quickly attacks and kills his distant kin.


BARRAKAS 25, 998 Late Afternoons

Going deeper yet, the stonework is getting less finished and kept. They look older and in less of a state of repair. However, they continue on down.

As they reach another bridge, they figure it to be the Stoneberg Bridge passed on the map. They also figure it has a toll or is one-way as a large group of goblins are making a stand in the back half of the bridge.

In goblin- “Toll to cross bridge.”

The Magus, growing bored with tolls from gobliniods, merely releases a fireball into their midst. They scream and burn but only charge at them. Another fireball is released that finishes off much of the blazing charge.

Mageblood then feels his mind and body begin to freeze. He wills himself past this effect. The spell caster that hid within the large group is killed by an arrow from Lia. The last of the goblins are easily finished off.

Most of the gear is burned and little of it was much good to begin with. On the cleric they find several potions that Filo guesses to be healing potions. Lia takes them as the others distrust goblin made brews.


BARRAKAS 25, 998 Late Afternoon

The water is slamming into the bridge marked as The Torgan Bridge. These waves crest over onto the bridge causing possible balance issues. There is a constant ankle deep wash of water on most of the bridge.

The group sighs as a group. There are sturdy stone rails so one should not be able to wash over the edge but the thought is shared by all of them. The Magus tries to count the seconds between the crashing waves hoping for a pattern. There is none. The waves strike between 3 and 15 seconds apart. He shrugs his shoulders and begins to stride forward then picks up his pace as a wave builds.

The others shout out a warning that he is aware of already. The wave rises up to crest directly next to him but instead holds it position and a funnel of water strikes him instead of a wall of water. “A Water Elemental!” yells out Filo in dismay.

Everyone draws aim at it and fires. It is destroyed nearly instantly (rolled a very poor Init for it). As everyone crosses to see how the Magus is doing a second wave comes. The eerie and malign face can be made out as the wave crests onto the bridge in an attempt to dislodge both the adventurers and the annoying earthen thing blocking its surface.

More spells are used and magical arrows. This elemental survives the first wave of attacks and strikes at Jasyne with his powerful bow. He holds on and the elemental is finished off. The bridge is saved and they are okay though the water seems higher than before.

Blaze spots a fading painting on the wall beyond the bridge. It resembles a fiery bird with its wings spread wide. “The Tarnished Phoenix.”


BARRAKAS 26, 998 “Morning”

Looking around briefly they find a hallway that leads to iron spiral stairs that lead ever deeper. Having used most of their spells now, they decide to camp here. Healing is done and spells replenished and rest completed they look at the stairs. Magus asks Lia about her necklace.

“What do you mean?” She asks innocently.

“I saw you staring at it last night before going into your trance. Is there a special meaning to it?”

“A family heirloom is all. Mind your own business.”

“I saw the elven runes…..” she moves away from him. Taking the hint, he packs up the last of his stuff before heading down the stairs.

Blaze, the Dragon Shaman, looks at the stairs. “They look sturdy enough.”

“any traps?” asks Jasyne.

“I’m no expert but I think we’re okay.”

The others wait for him to go first. Trust, it’s a beautiful thing.

As Blaze steps onto the first step air hisses from small holes on the instep. His foot burns from it. He rushes down and the others, squealing and yelling follow as the burning cloud vapors spread into the hallway but not down the stairs.

Coughing, Filo exclaims… “I think…that was… an Incendiary Cloud Trap…!”


BARRAKAS 26, 998 Morning

The spiral stairs go down several hundred feet. At the bottom the masonry looks different but no one is really sure. Filo, whom studies man-made structures, is mildly curious if it is indeed MAN – made or GOBLIN-made. He is aware that the deepest levels of Undersharn’s are in fact Goblin ruins from as far back as several 1000 years ago.

“Do you hear that?” asks Blaze as he takes to the air with his short dragon like wings. He flies ahead of the others without much thought or caution.

He reaches a large room with six large pipes that are spewing out large amounts of water of various conditions of quality. The pool they fill is boiling and foaming from the mixture. A walkway goes around the pool and exits on the far side. Fearing traps, he instead flies over the pool. The ceiling is roughly 20ft above the pool. Not enough.

As he reaches the half-way point the water suddenly surges straight up and slams him into the ceiling. Stunned, he lightly bounces on the water funnel that has angry facial features on it. It easily reaches the ceiling.

“Elder….?” Begins Filo in awe, fear and dismay. He didn’t expect this much resistance and trouble here. He had figured the group to be poorly skilled and inept for the task. Instead he is seeing how challenging the sewers have been.

Jasyne fires into the water. The effects are not what he was hoping for. Worse- Lia’s shorts seem to merely add a projectile to the already dangerous water creature. Blood mage, The Magus begins to fire Fireball spells into the creature. Steam fills the air. Jasyne looks back at him. “It’s okay. He is immune to fire.”

Filo adds his own fire spells now. In a rage, the water elemental strikes at them. It uses the Shaman as a club harming both the Shaman and whomever it strikes. He attempts to call up his Fire Elemental but loses his spear. Luckily, it clatters onto the walk but not near the group.

“As an elemental, it is very resistant to damage. As big as it is, I’m sure it is more resistant than most to harm. But it’s going to kill the dragon man otherwise.” Calls out Filo. Jasyne grunts and fires several more arrows at it. Acid, Cold, Electrical, Fire, and raw vibrations strike the elemental with each successful strike from the Kensai Archer. It just swings the now limp body of the Shaman again. Jasyne takes a serious blow this time and begins to back away into the safety of the hallway. Filo steps up to take a blow meant for Jasyne. This sacrifice allows Jasyne and magus to both strike again. Lia gets out her lumpy goblin brewed healing potions. She knows someone will need them.

After five fireballs and many magical attacks the water elemental finally just gives in to gravity like a giant waterfall. They fish out the Shaman even as the downed Cleric / Mage is given a potion (-9!). The shaman sputters as a potion is given to him (3hp remain) and even Jasyne takes a potion (25 of 60+ remains).

“Continue on?” asks Lia, the only one to not take any damage. They all consider chaining her to the bottom of the water pool.


BARRAKAS 27, 998 Morning

The heavy door opens slowly and with no sound. The floor is gold in color and spotless. The walls also are made of these same stones.

“Is it gold? Should we take a few bricks?” asks Lia as she looks at it closely.

“It’s not gold. Blaze looks closer and nods to his own agreement. “Not gold but magically made to look like it.”

“Why do….” Filo is interrupted by Jasyne.

“Did you hear something? A click or something?”

All eyes look further down the hallway and see a shimmering magical affect. “Something is being summoned!” calls out Filo.

A huge dark blue boney spider appears. It drools spittle that sparkles as it drips onto the floor. It moves into view but blocks the entire exit from the ten foot wide hallway. Jasyne releases several arrows that streak at it leaving behind a slight rainbow effect. The spider makes a strange sound. The creature spits out a lightning bolt that nearly takes down Lia and Jasyne. Mage Blood releases magic at it and the creature squeals in pain. Blaze notes its appearance and the electrical abilities. “Is that… another dragon hybrid?!?”

Another round of attacks finishes it off. The magical summoning takes it back before they walk to it.

As they move up Blaze moves ahead of them. He hopes to see something of this crazed blue dragon / huge monstrous spider cross breed. Instead he receives a chop from a huge great axe as a Brass Golem has activated after the spider was defeated. Lia attacks with her rapier but instead of hurting it, it seems to look sturdier than ever (magic fire). Jasyne’s arrows seem to react very strangely with it. It gets stronger but slows down also. Filo warns everyone that golems are very magic resistant and energy types often do strange things to it.

The battle goes poorly as most of the magic effects on the adventurer’s are fire based. The creature’s damage resistance, magic invincibility and other effects are blocking their best efforts to destroy it. The powerful battle-axe damages them cruelly as the wounds will not close up or slowdown in bleeding. But they continue on. Finally, it goes down.

They peer beyond and see a large 40x40 foot room with a roughly depicted sun in the middle. “This is it.” Says Filo.


BARRAKAS 28, 998 The Next Morning

Having used up most of their spells to attack or heal they decide to stay there over night. They want to be fresh for the exploration of where the Dragon Tome was believed to be. Filo is amazed by the sun-like etched symbol on the floor. It is about 25ft round and has a slightly orange coloration in contrast to the golden color of the surrounding floor.

There is nothing else within the room except for four doors. Each on one of the four walls. While Filo continues to look at the symbol, Blaze watches Lia as she stands before a door across from the entrance. She is pressing her lips in concentration. Mage Blood reaches for a different door not carrying if the others are following him or not. Jasyne goes to him though looking over his shoulder at Filo. “Comon- lets go. We should not split up.”

The Magus touches the door and a summoning trap is activated. Lia does the same with similar results. In each case a warrior bugbear appears reaching for them and swinging. Lia and Magus each take their foe down.

Lia pushes open the door and sees a long set of deep stairs leading down. They go beyond the limits of her light. She and Blaze slowly walk down the stairs. They activate a trap as a section of the stairs drops out from under them. Lia easily steps back avoiding it. Blaze falls but stops his fall by spreading open his wings. It is cramp and awkward climb back to the surface. Looking beyond, they now see the bottom of the stairs. Along the way another trap opens but each are ready this time. Inside is a large chamber filled with humanoid skeletons and a large skeleton of…. A dragon?

Magus and Jasyne walk down their hallway and find a trap. It is trapped also with a summoning spell. The ogre doesn’t last long and they move into the room. It is a 30x30ft room. Bookcases are back to back in the center of the room. Etched on the walls are depictions of gobliniods wrestling or using blunt sticks and quarterstaffs. They begin to search the bookcase facing them first. They find little in their quick search. Jasyne calls for Filo to join them. His knowledge of languages will help them sort through the books.

Filo finds nothing as he joins the search. Mage Blood finds a small crystal ball wrapped in cloth on the bottom of the shelf. Happy with his find he places it into his pack. Behind that is a staff. He collects this also hoping it has some worth. Using detect magic he sees an aura but cannot identify it. The books here deal with mundane events that Filo has interest in but are not what his employer is seeking. Suddenly there is a heavy thudding sound that makes everyone turn from their search.

Lia and the Dragon Shaman peer into the room cautiously. Lia spots something by the dragon skeleton. It appears to be a sword. Drawn to it she enters the room. The Dragon Shaman follows her. The whole time saying this is a bad idea. Suddenly bars fall from the ceiling within the hallway and with a loud bang trap the two within the room full of bones. Lia picks up the sword that attracted her and looks at the trap they have set. “Now what?” she asks innocently as the Shaman shakes his head in dismay.

[who comes here to disturb my sleep]

Uh-oh thinks the elven swashbuckler.

The shaman merely stares at the source of the mental sound. He stares the dragon bones that quiver and a low but strong glow begins from the eye sockets.


“No… but undead and very dangerous. We mean you no harm dread dragon.” Begins the dragon shaman hoping to avoid any further conflict.

[the sword… the cursed sword… in the hands of a living elf]

Lia looks down at the short sword and giggles in embarrassment.

Leaping over the open hole, The magus reaches the first set of bars on the stairs. “Undead dragon!” he calls out to Jasyne and Filo. The dragon rises up and takes its first step it has taken in thousands of years. With a sudden fierceness unforeseen by any there (except for maybe Blaze) the Bone Black Dragon strikes the elf. It continues its attack bringing it into view of Jasyne and his magical bow. The undead creature howls in pain as the first arrow strikes it.

Filo looks at the bars carefully. “These bars are not an issue. Look.” And he swings his hand through the bars. “They are merely designed to stop intruders or to trip them up into these floor traps.” The magus smirks and rushes ahead leaping through the bars and finds his forward momentum keeps him going. He is forced to leap over the next trap or fall in. He tumbles into the room near the dragon.

“The creature seems confused. I belief the experience of undeath has muddled its thoughts.” Says the Dragon Shaman. In a quieter voice… “the poor thing.”

Jasyne fires away with his arrows and Filo with magic. The Magus uses his unique magical melee abilities on it and Lia uses the new sword on it. The shaman merely sits this one out. He cannot bring himself to attack a dragon… even an undead one. It goes down without him. Jasyne glares at him as he inspects the room for further dangers.

Together they return to the library they were inspecting. Going to the second series of shelves on the backside of the room Filo finds a spell book. Several spells within interest him and the magus. The magus meanwhile has found an old tome. It is not the one they seek but it interests him greatly still. Within the book is a picture of a large city built into the tops of mountains with clouds. The language is old but he can make it out. Slowly he reads out loud- “Dragon-City- within the- kingdom- of giants”

“What have you found?” asks Jasyne.

“Nothing. It is not what the dwarf wants.”

“It may have clues we need however. His son said…” he lets it trail off as he moves over the unsculpulious Magus. Jasyne is about to bully the mage for the book when Filo finds the book they were seeking. “I think this is it!” He carefully opens it and looks at a few pages. “Yes. I believe this is it.”

“Lets rest here for now and then we’ll check that last door before returning to the surface.” Says Jasyne as he looks at the Magus with the book.

Several hours go by and Lia is still looking at the sword. Filo asks if he can also look at it. She allows it. “It has a strong magical feel to it. Old also. Maybe thousands of years old.”

“You seem to know a lot about swords Filo.”

“Not as much swords but old things… magical old things. It’s a hobby of mine that I have developed into a means of income.”

Nearby, but in the shadows the magus reads the book more. He keeps returning to the picture of the city. Knowing Jasyne will try to pry the book from him eventually, he considers tearing out the page for safekeeping. As Lia and Filo conversation becomes louder and attracts the other’s attention he carefully tears the page out the book. Everyone stops. “WHAT?” he snarls with malice.

“NOOOOO!” exclaims Filo. “Don’t damage the books! They may have clues yet within!”

“You found the book. Yes. The book is yours. Yes. BUT it was found during Lord Darkko ir’Harddok’s expedition. You will get it but after he has a chance to see if it involves the other book and the mystery he seeks to unlock.”

“But of course.” The Magus says as he places the page back into the book and closes it up. He is more certain he wants this book than ever…. If only to irk the archer Kensai warrior.

Going back to the inspection of the sword Filo discovers something. Very tiny runes. “It is elven made” he says….. It is…. Hmmmm…. Deals with luck. I believe this is a Luck Blade. Very nice. Elves liked them. They carried them for status rather than use. They prefer the long sword over the short.”

“Luck blade?”

“Not only can luck be with you but they say they often carry the ability to grant a wish or two.”


Jasyne becomes worried. “Don’t waste those wishes.”

“And be careful what is wished for. Some say the wishes are granted by fiends. These fiends like to twist one’s words when granting a wish.”


Seeing an opportunity to stifle the young woman, Jasyne tells her something he heard from his academy days. She is worried as he finishes his short tale…. “and wishing to be invulnible to the sword attacks of the army he was made into stone.”

“How awful!”

The Magus has become curious. “I’ll buy it.”

Jasyne is about to stop this obvious set up but she is too quick. “How much?!?”

“I have some of my share of treasure. I’m sure you would not want to be turned into stone… or worse!”

Filo frowns.

Eventually the group falls asleep. The Magus has the wish blade and the elf is 3090 gold pieces richer.

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