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The Whitefaire Adventurer's Guide is the latest adventure sourcebook for the world's geatest roleplaying game. This book gives all the information that players and DM's will need to create epic adventures in the cold north of Faerun

Created independently by the Dark Peaks team, this 96 page long sourcebook takes adventurers to this icy cold northern realm of Whitefaire, which sits upon the border of the Savage Frontier. In this choatic, ungoverned realm is the undiscovered treasure of Whitefaire amber, a hugely powerful magical resource.

Such wealth attracts renegades, adventurers, bandits and lords, adding to the chaotic situation beneath the forests and the trees. With Whitefaire's self-proclaimed queen plotting to return to power, the situation will only become worse. Can you navigate the shifting tides of wealth and power to triumph? Or will you be left lying amid the other dead bodies that litter Whitefaire's northern tundra? Find out inside!

This book also includes:

- Two new races: the Frostkin are natives of Whitefaire, long hardened to snow and frost, who are always accompanied by their faithful Husky dog companion. The Werellama is an individual carrying a very specific curse of lycanthropism, able to slip into a different form to spit, kick, bite and travel quickly across the land.

- Three new subclasses: The Frost Strider is a ranger heavily skilled in survival amongst the snow, while the Storm Caller uses the power of ice and frost to their advantage. The Deep Domain cleric watches out for miners and diggers, using their power to protect and profit from such a dark business.

- Rules for snowy and arctic environments, including blizzards, ice-climbing, ice-lakes, glaciers and snowball fights!

- Rules for the use of snow sleds for travel across Whitefaire, including a choice of pack animal. These rules also include how to fight from a sled and how to create exciting sled chases across the fields and forests of Whitefaire.

- Rules for the use and sale of Whitefaire Amber, a heavily controlled substance with powerful magical properties.

- The Blood Red Snow - An included adventure for 4 player characters at level 2-3, which involves the hunt for a lost officer and stands as an introduction to the realm of Whitefaire and its threats.

And much more, including the goblins nations, the other power groups within Whitefaire, specific equipment, profiles of powerful people and a full set of statblocks to support them.

For use with the fifth edition Player’s Handbook, Monster Manual, and Dungeon Master’s Guide, the Whitefaire Adventurer’s Guide provides the setting, story, and character options needed to participate in a campaing within, above and below this frozen land.

You can find it at the DMSguild - Whitefaire Adventurer's Guide - Dungeon Masters Guild | Dungeon Masters Guild

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