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Our tale takes place in the city of Jounieh Lebanon where a pair of survivors who are strangers to one another must work together, make difficult descisions, and work through personal differences to stay alive. Distrust, confusion, fear and the will to live all have their place in this story, and I the storyteller proudly present the bloody tale to you, the public of ISRP.

Fires have run rampant throughout the streets of what was once the proud cityscape of Jounieh Lebanon. Buildings have crumbled and fallen, storefronts have been looted to pure exhaustion, and the concrete pavement of the sidewalks and roads have been stained with the blood of the population and it's respective corpses. Wreckage and flaming automobiles litter the curbs and black smoke rises, blotting out the beating sun in the grim day's sky. Military blockades, though placed strategicly throughout the city have been overrun and destroyed. The center of the city has been demonlished by air raids and broadcasting speakers have been disabled. All that
stands in tact is Casino Du Liban, a large circular building on the northern edge of the province. Our survivors who have come from all corners of the city have run into eachother at the southern edge where the first blockade was destroyed.

[Ahoy! Adventure!]: Cassidy has entered at 10:49 pm

From all angles, they swarm the pilot, tearing him apart limb from limb, each member of the group of six taking their share of the kill. Each member of the group is torn asunder from the bullets fired by the man on the rooftop, and when they are finally down for good, an eerie silence sets in.

RedSkull Is in a position on the roof of a liquor store next to the hotel firing at each member of the group from his
M4 while shouting "No! Jackson!"
RedSkull Growls and fires another shot at the head of the victim to ensure he dont come back.
RedSkull sets his rifle down and looks out into the street, mumbling "this has to be a fu*king nightmare....c'mon
Jason, wake your ass up....wake your ass up..." he says before putting a hand on his head.
Cassidy carefully, with only a thick, half burnt out cigar in the left hand, stepping out from one of the many
alleyways. Hard to believe that in such a state and time, but not a speck of dust resided on his suit. Casting a
glance behind him, to make sure the path he had taken hadn't been followed he carefully moved into the open
street, he had heard gun fire a little ways away so far following the fire fights have been the best way to stay safe.
RedSkull shakes his head and reaches in his pack, pulling out a walkie talkie and speaking into it. "Central
command, this is RedSkull, our pilot's down and I've been separated from the rest of the team, I am currently at
site A, requesting an airlift copy ?" he says while listening in for an answer.
RedSkull blinks and looks out at cass, he waves his hand from across the street trying to silently get the mans
RedSkull . o O ( don't be stupid stranger )

Sounds from Cassidy's alleyway are heard as a group of three corpses are now seen running at the man, groaning and hissing as they sprint.

RedSkull blinks and screams "Sh*t!" while he picks up his m4 and fires shots at the group, trying to give cass
some cover fire while he makes his descision as to whether he wants to live or die.
Cassidy in a quick action he reached into his jacket with his right hand, turning to his side he calmly, yet swiftly
pulls the glistening pistol from his jacket, seeming far to calm for the sitaution at hand he didn't hesitate to pull
the trigger, leveling the barrell at the corpses rotting head's. His left hand raising to place the cigar within his teeth.

Bullets cut into the trio and does little to slow them save for one lucky shot landing in the head of a woman who drops immediatley, the other two are only slowed until another drops from a random headshot. The last member drops as well, as it is unclear as which person killed which corpse.

RedSkull lowers a rope from the rooftop, shouting. "you just gonna stand there and look badass!? c'mon!" he
Cassidy tucking the gun away he pets his jacket down, his attention moves towards the roof and he man upon
the top, a shrug falls over his shoulders and he moves towards the rope. Remaining oddly quiet.

A straggler comes walking from the blockade, dressed in soldier's fatigues, she appears to be newly infected and upon seeing Cassidy in the middle of the street, she begins to run at the man.

RedSkull spots the woman and fires 3 last rounds at the woman, all aimed for her legs.
Brought to her knee's by the gunfire, she begins to crawl at Cassidy, snarling.
RedSkull looks down at cass and yells "Grab it, Grab it!" he says as he slowly starts pulling the rope up.
Cassidy pausing at the base of the rope he turned swiftly and once again drawing out the well polished berretta
he pulled the trigger without hesitations, three, four, five shots, at the corpses head and chest, his free hand
grabbing the rope as it begins the side upwards. "Shoot to kill soldier boy!"
RedSkull pulls Cass to the rooftop and offers a hand to pull him over the ledge. He raises a brow as he watches
the man. "Not too bright are you ?"

The woman is down and as she falls a large explosion is seen atop the hotel's roof, sending bodies flying in all directions and causing a loud boom, perhaps attracting more.A thick fog sets in along with the familiar eerie silence.

Cassidy climbing as the man pulled him up. Getting to the roof he dusted the suit off furiously. His eyes snap to
the explosion and narrowed slowly. "We all have our own ways. If you're going to shoot them aim above the
shoulders and be sure to hit. Taking out their legs only slows them down."
RedSkull eyeballs the man "Thats the idea. The walkers eat their wounded, and since she's a gonner, we're
stuck as the main course pretty boy..." he sighs and begins to reload his rifle while speaking. "So where'd you
come from ? Wallstreet ?" he says with a smirk as he locks and loads his weapon.
Cassidy smirks calmly as he nods towards the explosion. "That will have their attention, long as we stay low and
high, out of sight we have a better chance." Where did he come from? Well the armani suit certainly suggest wall
street or a place similar to. "The air port."
RedSkull chuckles "So now you're a survivalist eh ? well good, how is the airport ? Up and running ?" he asks
while listening to static on his walkie.
Cassidy says, "Call it basic instinct... The air port.. Well it was empty it's sure to be over run by now. This entire
country is officially off the map.".
RedSkull says, "You think ? Paris, Madrid, Berlin, they're all gone...but there are survivors waiting on rescue at
the Casino, or so my friend down there said before he became somebody's lunch...".
RedSkull looks out into the street, grabbing a pair of binoculars and scanning the area. "I'm not sure how long we
have pretty boy, but I suggest we get moving while we still can, the walkers come in bunches..."
Cassidy says, "It has spread that quickly?...Du Liban. You know the way?".
RedSkull says, "Yea, I got a map of the city...I was dropped here to assess damage and then my command
post went quiet...".
Cassidy smirks softly as he looks over his shoulder to the street, drawing out one pistol at a time he pulls each
magazine, checking before slipping them back into place, "Then I hope you had no family there.. If they're not
responding they're dead or dieing."
RedSkull looks at cass "Listen, the airlift comes to the casino, then it refuels in Israel and then you're off to
Cyprus where we've been sending the rest of the survivors, they've got colonies on islands across the atlantic and
the pacific, Hawaii, Austrailia, they're all safe havens until uncle Sam can get this mess sorted out...but until
then, if its you or me, it's you, got it pretty boy ?"

Masses of the dead can be heard in the distance, crowding the alleyways and crawling out of manholes along the street after a flash of purple colored lightning strikes the city's center.

RedSkull grumbles and throws his backpack on, grabbing his rifle and standing up. "C'mon, once it gets too
thick, we'll get pinned down..." he says before running and leaping onto the next rooftop.
Cassidy smirking he moves back to the edge of the building and looking across to the neighbouring roof top,
gauging the distance. Sight he steps back. "And this was a new suit.." He then runs and leaps the distances a
relatively easy jump. "I'm just saying if such an operation is in play, they would be responding and keeping in
constant contact unless they were gone."
RedSkull turns around and moves to get in Cass's face "Shut the f*ck up and move..." he says before running
and jumping onto another rooftop.
Cassidy remains eerily calm even with the man right up in his face, he let the man take the lead and followed
shortly behind, his eyes constently watching and his ears listening. The dead where merging all around, he had
doubts the casino was at all truely safe.

Masses, uncountable masses flood the streets in search of meat. Three storefronts up a main intersection is located, making it impossible to maintain position on the rooftops above. Down the road to the west, the Casino can be seen in the distance but as the streets are flooded our survivors will have to find an alternate route. Was it fate ? Perhaps it was just luck as a car sat on the curb relativley unscathed.

RedSkull Sighs as he kneels, trying to keep out of sight. " what ?" he asks himself. He looks over his
shoulder and waves his hand at Cass, motioning for him to get down.
Cassidy knowing there was a chance the car would be out of fuel or sitting with a dead battery, he grinned softly
as he moved to the mans side, crouched down low. "Ever ride the dodge'em cars as a kid?" He had spotted the
car and was now staring at it intently.
RedSkull shakes his head. "Nah, i'm more of a rollercoaster here's the deal pretty boy, we're gonna get
in that car and see if we can't plow through these bastards, savvy ?" he asks.
Cassidy moving to the edge of the roof he scanned the roads for the quickest and most descreete path to the car.
"I'm driving."
RedSkull says, "Like hell you are civilian...".
Cassidy smiling he looked back to the man. "Have it your way soldier boy, but ask yourself this first, who would
you rather have driving, someone with twelve years of rally driving under their belt, who knows how to take corners
and will know the easiest path to take.. or.. Someone who's plan of attack would most likely be keep straight and
hope the dead don't bundle infront?

Banging sounds can be heard in the store below as the dead fill the building, our survivors are running out of time, and banging can be heard on the door leading to the rooftop, drawing more corpses into the building.

RedSkull facepalms and pinches the top of his nose as he closes his eyes. "Whatever pretty boy...just don't
think you're in any position to call the it ?" he says, looking back at the door.
Cassidy turning back to the door he sneered and moved to the edge of the roof instead, peering down into the
alley he sighed, the garbage bins would break the fall sufficiently enough, but it was a thousand dollar suit, the
dead or banana peels, which was worse. "Just keep them off me hmm?"
RedSkull says, "We go down together, I don't need to get left behind by some driver with a chip got it ?".
Cassidy says, "I meant when we get to the car, thing might not even work.".

Before either of them get the chance to jump, the door flies open and the denziens of the corpses pile onto the rooftop crumbles beneath them, leaving them to fall into the corpse ridden business below.

RedSkull says, "Holy sh*t!".
RedSkull comes falling down and gets up quick, firing shots in all directions as confusion sets in. He handles
himself pretty well, turning an eye to see if Cass was dead or not as he quickly kneels down while firing to search
rubble for him.
Cassidy having been standing on the edge of the roof, making him no doubt the last to fall, and not the last to
stand how ever, falling silent once again both hand ripped out the polished pistols

Corpses are crushed under the rubble and others are torn apart by RedSkull's machine gun fire while others come falling down onto the pair. The masses in the street flock methodically to the business, surrounding the storefront on three of four sides, climbing over one another to get to the pair, the number is staggering and they begin to fight one another for entry into the crumbled storefront.

Cassidy having been standing on the edge of the roof, making him no doubt the last to fall, and not the last to
stand how ever, falling silent once again both hand ripped out the polished pistols, no hesitiation he pulled the
trigger with the barrels level high at the heads, at the dead fell from the roof he turns his arm low, the ankles of
those trying to scamble through the doors now his tartget.
RedSkull fires with one hand and hurls a frag with the other. "c'mon pretty boy! through that window!" he shouts
before leaping and breaking through the glass of the side of the business and scrambling out to the car, but by
this time, the grenade explodes.

Masses fall just inches of the pair, while others are chopped by the machine gun. The explosion makes a major dent in the crowd, stunning them and offering a small window of time for the pair of survivors to escape. This does not stop the masses in the streets from running at the car RedSkull is now near. Those shot by Cassidy and his pistols fall limp, but are preceeded by more until the explosion stuns them.

Cassidy wasn't all too far behing the soldier out the window, his suit torn in a few places and this is not at all to
his liking, a sharp, fierce glare was now on his lips as he paced towards the car his rage growing as he takes the
time to take out the legs of some of the dead, if what the soldier had said was true the fallen would become lunch
for their bretheren. Once at the car he quickly checked inside to make sure there was no surprises waiting them
RedSkull moves around the car and gets inside. "Go go go!" he shouts while firing blindly out into the crowd.

As members of the horde fall, others leap onto them and begin feasting, this thins the crowd down enough to be surpressed temporarily by the gun fire of the two survivors. Other members of the horde drop all together but the larger gathering of the horde remains, inching closer as they fight eachother to be first. Others
come from the alleys in an attempt to blindside the car on RedSkull's angle.

Zombies rolls 1d10: 5

RedSkull turns and fires into the alley (can I get a count plz ?). Emptying the remaining bullets in his magazine.
He quickly reloads and while he does this, he hurls another frag in the alley, leaving him with 4 left.

The group (10) is slowed by the fire, but not stopped, some (4) drop while the remaining are blown apart by the grenade which rocks the car but does not flip it over. The streets become ridden with the dead and they are all heading toward that one main intersection where all the noise is coming from.

Cassidy growls when it turns out as he had thought it would, tearing off the bottom of the stearing wheel he made
quick work hot wiring the car. Grunt, grunt, grunt, it didn't start, the battery was dead. "You have to be kidding
me." kicking the door he entered back open he reached out, a quick hand reached to steal a frag grenade from
the soldier the other gripped his collar to pull the soldier from the car. "Let's go soldier boy!"
RedSkull blinks as he's dragged out of the car. o 0 ( Strong son of a bitch...) he thought and quickly got to his
feet. He did'nt the grenade was taken and began firing at the main horde while looking for a latter or another

The horde grew larger and surrounded them on all angles except for the west which was a road ridden with the dead but not completley unmaneuverable. Up the road about fifty feet was another car parked infront of a business with a ladder leading to a rooftop, giving our survivors a tough descision in a deadly situation.

Zombies rolls 1d10: 6

Cassidy pulls the pin on the grenade once both are out of the car and lobs it out to the west where the path is
cearest. Reaching to grab the soldier again, he took out a pistol turning his attention to the dead in their path as
he moved quickly away from the car. And surprisingly moved towards where he threw the grenade, which would
hopefully thin the herd before they got to them. "Car's dead."
RedSkull hurls a grenade into the crowd behind them and starts firing, he moved around Cass and made sure he
was aiming at the legs, he did'nt have the time to take them out nor the ammo. "Ya think!?" he says as he
unloads into the crowd.

The blast infront of them sends corpses flying in all directions, temporarily clearing a path while the blast behind them does the same thing, only denting the large massive crowd. As bodies fall, others climb ontop of them and feast while more begin to chase only to be subdued by continuous gunfire, allowing more to rally up and chase them further. Masses also surge from the alleyways, giving our survivors no choice but to push forward.

Cassidy grumbling to himself he tucked one of the pistols away allowing him to quickly reload the other. He
seemed to have much more bullets on him then a civillian should have. "What's your count soldier boy, the casino
can't be too far."
RedSkull says, "I've got 4 more mags for the m4 and 12 for the SR! Lets get up that ladder while we still can!".
Cassidy making sure each shot would count he took his time with each, taking only one ankle at a time to try
and distract the growing numbers. "Not enough. The roof tops wont take us to the casino.."
RedSkull follows behind him, keeping up. "You're gonna get us killed, what if the car is dead like the other one!?"
he asks, shooting behind them while he moves forward.

The horde grows, piling behind them as they move up the road, completley filling the street as they pass. As each straggler falls, they crawl, only to be consumed by the masses as our survivors pass by. The alleyways are overflown and the horde grows stronger and faster, leaving them with their descision that needs to
be made quickly as they gain on the pair.

Cassidy growling he fires again carefully, twice this time into two groups huddled around, feasting on their own to
give them more to feed on. "Fine! Get to the roof!"
RedSkull gets to the car and hurls another frag into the crowd behind them, hopefully buying them enough time
to see if the car does'nt work so they can get up the ladder, while he does this he empties his clip and starts
reloading quickly, locking and loading. He aims his gun, shooting at the legs of the first line. "Check it quick!"
Cassidy sighs heavily as they reach the second car checking it inside again before pulling the door open, once
again he pulls off the bottom of the stearing wheel to get to the wires pulling a few free and crossing them, waiting
for the growl of the car starting.

The grenade explodes, sending corpses flying and knocking the first wave down, causing those behind to take them for wounded and the horde slows to a near stop to feast on itself. Others come running from the alleyways, on both sides of the car, one even making it as far as the hood.

RedSkull keeps firing and moves to the passenger side, opening the door but not climbing in. Once he hears the
car start, he climbs in the passenger side and shouts. "Go go go!" while aiming his m4 and firing a single shot
through the windshield into the corpse's head.

The corpse falls limp and rolls off of the car while the horde, now wounded from the last grenade inches closer. A helicopter is seen fluttering in the sky above them, moving toward the Casino at a slow pace.

Cassidy with the car kicking to life the gears would be dropped and pushed into place, the clutch being dropped
the rear end would sure to kick out to the side as he took off. "They you're friends?"
RedSkull looks at Cass and shrugs. "No way to know until we get there...but they generally don't send attack
helicopter's for rescue, and they generally don't send just one." he says while catching his breath. He then
reloads his m4 and sets it in Cass's lap to inspect his sniper rifle. "You know how to use one of those ?" he asks.

Zombies rolls 1d10: 3

Stragglers litter the road but they pose little threat as our survivors drive past the horde is left behind and the casino is a few kilometers up the road. Whizzing by them is a sportscar, moving at highspeeds towards the casino as well. As they approach, they come across a group of survivors (4) who tried flagging down the sportscar to no avail leaving our survivors with another tough descision.

RedSkull says, "What the hell are they doing in the street!?".
Cassidy nodded simply as he tucked the rifle down beside the drivers seat, watching the sports car fly by his
attention falls to the group of survivors, he was driving the decision was his to make and his foot slammed down
onto the breaks, the emergency break was torn up and he turned the car into a swift one eighty stopping a few
feet shy of the group. He blantently ignored the soldiers questio and he reached back opening the door behind
him as he stepped from the car.
RedSkull says, "What are you doing!?".

The group consisted of three males and one female, they immediatley began to pile in the car one by one until the back seat was full, leaving one unlucky man on the street. The man moved to fight his way in through the driver's door, trying to move past Cassidy while a group of corpses (15) emerged from the alleyway behind the man on Cassidy's side. They sprinted toward the car, surrounding it and banging on the windows.

RedSkull blinks and pulls out his pistols, firing one in the direction of the walkers banging on his window and the
other in the direction of those infront of the car, his shots were well aimed, meant for the heads.
Cassidy ignored the soldier again as he held the rifle over the drivers door, spraying a line of fire behind himself
and the man trying to get into the car, reaching out to grab the man by the hair to push his head down and force
him into the car, pushing him over into the soldiers lap. "Liana, have any of you been bit!" his head turned to the
woman of the group as he turn, firing single shots at a time, it was becoming easier to see that he has had
experience in firing a weapon and even in killing.
RedSkull says, "No time for questions! Just drive!".

As some fell others did not, those on RedSkull's side went limp while others pounced on eachother. One in paticular grabbed the legs of the man who was half in the car and yanked him back out with inhuman strength. The two men in the backseat were armed with pistols and began firing shots at those who remained while the majority who were in Cassidy's line of fire became meals for those behind. While all this was happening, a loud explosion was heard at the rescue site up the road.

Cassidy once again he showed no hesitation, as the man was pulled from the car he took his place back in the
drivers seat, saving the unucky man from a painful fait, he opened fire, his aim high to make it a quick, clear kill
before turning the gun on the dead, a few more shots and he passed the gun back to the woman as he put the car
back into gear. "Liana, have any of you been bitten?" As the woman shook her head he sped back off.
Cassidy frowns as the explosion rocks the ground. "The casino... You son of a bitch, it's a clean up mission."

As they near the casino, they drive past a flaming sportscar that lost control and ended up driving into a storefront. Upon reaching the casino itself, they see a sight all too familiar, a barren wasteland littered with corpses feasting upon one another. The doors have been blown wide open and one could only imagine the horrors inside as the blockades around the casino were overrun. A team of five soldiers surrounded the helicopter from before as well as another parked next to it.

RedSkull eyes Cass "You just keep driving see ?" he says as he points at the wreck. He reaches over and takes
the m4, shouting in joy as they come upon the soldiers. "Ooorah!"

The two men in the backseat look at eachother and cheer along, they were citizens of Lebanon who spoke no english. As the soldiers saw the car approaching they quickly began to lay fire upon the stragglers who feasted upon the dead. More and more, the stragglers became a horde as they came pouring out of the casino's front doors forcing our survivors to move fast now. The helicopters were already running and the soldiers waved the car toward the helicopter. One man behind Cassidy started shaking viciously, obviously succumbing to the infection. He reached forward with both hands and dug them into the man's neck, causing the car to crash into the blockade. The girl now known as Liana, jumped out of the window just before and ran to the chopper, climbing in quickly, leaving RedSkull behind. The other man in the backseat was killed as a beam from the blockade shot through the side of the car upon impact and into his frame. The passenger's door of the car was completley torn off now.

blinks as it all happened so fast. He comes to his sense and aims the gun over his shoulder to fire a
shot into the new walker's head before the impact. After gaining his composure, he then gets out of the car,
running for the chopper and leaving the wreck behind.

As our survivors reach the helicopter just in time, they are now airborn after the soldiers pull them aboard. The helicopter flies off and Liana notices a bite mark on her ankle. She quickly crosses her legs and keeps it hidden from sight as they fly off to a safezone.

RedSkull Looks at Liana and grins. "So, Liana was it ? I'm Jason, nice to meet you." he says with a charming
smile as his comrades get on a communications device and explain the tragedy at the casino.

I hope all of you enjoyed reading this over and found yourselves with our survivors or lack thereof. It was my intention to capture your imagination and place you within the parameters with these two in my story. This roleplay is not only an example of enjoyment, it is a message through experiment, an idea that two roleplayers who have no knowledge of one another can come together and create something fun for all, the reason why we as roleplayers and writers come to the ISRP website. These characters were specifically designed for this roleplay by invitation, without being informed as to who was going to be playing as who. There has been a lot of talk about drama, personal issues Out of Character, unfair play and blame, blame that has been handed around in terms of the lack of traffic on the ISRP website. These two players, who's names I will not reveal have nothing good to say about one another, and probably would not be seen enjoying the company of one another while In Character due to personal issues with eachother. But while In-Character with eachother they co-exsisted, and also provided enjoyment for one another. The past problems they experienced were left behind, because of this they managed to truly create something epic. I challenge all of you as roleplayers and writers to do just as these two did, to leave your past issues behind and play your part in this website, your part as characters and storytellers, the outcome may be a pleasant surprise to you, and if not then will anything change for the worse ? Will your situation deteriorate further because you accepted this challenge ? I think not. I think sometimes when one loses sight of why, who, where, or what, then they are presented with a wonderful option, the option to just start over anew and move forward for the better. I believe I speak for everyone who enjoys the service provided by this website that the only barriers you have are the ones you create for yourselves and the only thing stopping you from having fun is yourself.


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