D&D General 'Theme song' for game

Hey folks,

I've been unsuccessfully searching for a piece of music to use as the 'theme song' for a D&D game I run.

Idea being, I'd use a short (not much over a minute, if at all) catchy tune to signal the start of a session (in person). The style would ideally match the 'epic fantasy' setting (War of the Burning Sky).
It's OK if it had singing happening, but ideally not in German or English, to avoid players getting distracted (unless by chance the lyrics happen to reflect the game / group well).

Does anyone have any recommendations or sources beyond just blindly rifling through YouTube and Spotify?

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I tend to go a bit overboard in that I try to find a music to match the mood of any scene in the game. CRPG soundtracks (most of which can be found on Youtube or Spotify) are great for this, and even if the players might know the obvious ones like Skyrim or Baldur's Gate, there are always more obscure ones you can use like Neverwinter Nights 2: Storm of Zehir (great for nautical campaigns I think) or Prince of Persia 2008 (as you can guess, great for more Middle East-themed campaigns).

But even famous music can be fair game if you're using a specific rendition IMO. My current game's opening track is the Mandalorian Main Theme, but it's a synthwave version so it feels distinct from the TV series.


The High Aldwin
I use "O' Fortuna" from the opera, *Carmina Burana".

I play it at beginning of every session and I have for decades now.

I ask my players to listen and imagine their PCs doing heroic things, battling mighty foes, etc. Most have found it works well and is inspiring.

But, I know it isn't to everyone's' tastes.

This YouTube is over 5 minutes, but my MP3 is about 3.5 minutes. Still, it might longer than you want.


So many to choose from!
  • Overture/Prisoner of the Crusades from Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves
  • Robin Hood Theme by Andy Price
  • Swordland from Sword Art Online
  • This is Berk from How to Train Your Dragon
  • Main Title from The Musketeer by Nicholas Dodd
  • Asgard from Thor: The Dark World
  • Battlefield from Position Music
  • Stand Your Ground from Atom Music
  • haha. Potentially anything from Two Steps from Hell.
  • We Will Come Back from James Paget
  • The theme from Police Academy is more heroic than it has any right to be.
  • Night Wish has some metal tracks w/o their vocals that might work? Alpenglow. Last Ride of the Day.
  • Heroes from Avengers Age of Ultron
  • Journey to Glory from The Immediate
  • Mars from the Heavy Rain soundtrack
  • No Sacrifice, No Victory from the Transformers soundtrack
  • We Did It from Captain America: The First Avenger

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