D&D 3E/3.5 Theoparts of Tharizdun

I'd like to use this in my Forgotten Realms campaign where should I set the artifacts locations at and what powers/abilities should I give each artifact.

I got this info on the artifacts off of Gord's Greyhawk Miscellany


These are the pieces of the Tripartite Artifact of All Evil, each part representing one of the evil alignments. When joined together they will release Tharizdun from his bondage. The Awakener is kept in a pyramid in the Suss forest and the Unbinder lies in the Suloise metropolis now known as the Forgotten City. As insurance against The Evil One's release, all parts can only be retrieved by mortals. No matter who holds them, they will be corrupted and lost to an evil power ('one artifact to rule them all, one artifact to find them...').

When the pieces are used to unlock the Prison of Tharizdun, part of each are turned into rings. These rings bind the good that fought against Tharizdun to imprison him. The remaining portions of the Theorparts contain his evil.

The Unbinder ring can summon a phoenix capable of eating the grubs from Tharizdun's axe. The three rings can melt adamantine and can also provide transport. They are most vulnerable in the Sea of Thought area of Greyhawk Castle.

The Initiator

The initial key, the one discovered by the Scarlet Brotherhood, is probably the Chaotic Evil one. It helps its possessor locate the second key. The Dukes of Hell requisition it from the Brotherhood at the beginning of Come Endless Darkness. Infestix acquires it and loans it to Demogorgon. It is equipped with a harmonic retrieval device. It can open a channel to the negative material plane and shoot anti-matter, as can also create a wall of positive energy. It can be used to lure demonic brutes with fear and humility. It can create large scale illusions (Gord uses it to appear as Graz'zt, Elazalag, and their horde). It can reverse spells' directions and can create an invisible rack of iron spikes. It can change into a ten foot long, mace-like pole arm, with a twelve inch spike on the bottom and several thin, axe-like, blades radiating from the head, with lower, leaf-like tines with solid spurs at their base. This weapon can disarm and snap weapons as well as inflict damage but it is slow and needs room to operate. As this weapon, it can crush armor with its weight and can kill with the tip or with its blades. It is a drain on mortal creatures, causing them to become zombies to it unless energy is drawn off of it by magical means (such as by Courflamme).

The Awakener - The Vitalizer - The Arouser

The second key, the one recovered by Obmi for Iuz, is "a distillation of evil", i.e. probably the Neutral Evil one. When it is located Tharizdun stirs and sends forth evil thoughts. It helps the possessor to locate the next key. It can release bat-like things in a spiral that cause silence. It can also generate a gameboard map of the Abyss and show recreations of events. It can produce a shielding web. It fires a withering stuff that can shred flesh from the bones. It can become a five foot long scimitar of evil red or turn into a whip with an energy cat-o-nine tails. It can fight on its own.

The Unbinder - The Cone of the Magi The Lawful Evil Theorpart is found in the Great Temple in the Forgotten City. It is very black, in fact, it seems to devour light and drains energy. It is vaguely cone shaped and has three horns. Once recovered, it is held by Graz'zt. He gives it to Vuron between Come Endless Darkness and Dance of Demons. It can alter time by a factor of 60 so that it can go slow in some places and fast in others. With an additional Theorpart, time can be altered over a larger area. It can be used to heal, and to promote demons. It can be changed into a shield.

The Awakener and Initiator combined can change to a bardiche and to a morning star that shoots energy darts. It can also change into a staff that shoots lances of force, and into a whip.

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Wow, since 2015 no one has replied? I am saddened no one was interested in helping. Well by now you should have moved on and decided yourself on where to place Gord's Greyhawk in Forgotten Read world. Just for curiosity sake, I will add my two cents and if you reply, just compare my ideas.
First of all, each Theopart is an artifact upon artifact upon artifact. Each Theopart is Omnipotent. And each Theopart could be many magical item if seperate by the options produced, like a Rod of Lordly Might, a Dancing Sword, etc.. Even several artifacts can also be gleaned from just one Theopart, like the Rod of Seven Parts, or the Regalia of Might, the White Plume Mountain weapons, and so on. A campaign could be built just on one Theopart needing to be assembled of all the other artifacts, unless you stick with each Theopart turning into a ring when held by a character with corresponding alignment to weild the artifact? Even though only a "part" of the Theopart turns into, seperates, from each artifact, then what does the rest of the Theopart look like, a part of a triangle? I forgot. I always had the Theopart look like an Egyptian Ankh, or a pyramid, hmmm? I digress.
Ok back to placing Gord's Greyhawk into Faerun.

The Awakener: The Suss forest could be anywhere but the pyramid throws off a historical point, so the building could be any ancient structure. Sticking with pyramid theme, we are looking at the Jungles of Chult or Mulhorand - though pulverized by the Spell Plague.

The Unbinder: A forgotten city can be anywhere too, but of ancient neglected remains, Jungles of Chult, Mulhorand, Maztica, Myth Drannor, and of course The Stone lands of Netheril. And a Great Temple must be in the centre, to suppose a civilization worshipping or is controlled by said temple.

The Initiator: If you are sticking with the Gord story, then whomever is in possession of this Theopart, is where the geography location will be. The Suel Brotherhood in Greyhawk deal with demons so with relating to Faerun, the evil group must be in pact with fiends or outsiders and powerful enough to have safeguarded such an epic artifact, or a group to harbour mysteries shrouded by the unknown, like The Dark Druids of the Moonshaes? The Zhentarim from Zhentil Keep with Bane before the Time of Troubles. The Zhentarim with Cyric who destroys the city after the Time of Troubles. The Zhentilar faction from Dark Hold. Red Wizards of Thay. And many more possibilities.

Cheers, just some quick thoughts. I am curious what route you went down and how your campaign turned out because I have wanted to also run some sort of Gord vs Tharizdun adventure from non-gane material.

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