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There's a TERMINATOR RPG Coming!

A Terminator RPG has just been announced by Nightfall Games, the publisher of SLA Industries. There's no information yet -- just a Facebook page!


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Russ Morrissey

Russ Morrissey

Previously, Nightfall had said;

As such we are developing 2 new games. The first, which will be announced fairly soon, will use a well known games system. The second though, will use the S5S system as its foundation.
No new game was announced shortly after that comment, leaving The Terminator TTRPG open as either the S5S game, or the other more well known system.

Responding to Facebook comments, the company has already ruled out an SLA 2 crossover with the franchise.

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Finally. I just signed up for their newsletter. I’ve been waiting for this forever. I’m more interested in the lore and background material, but I’ll play it in whatever rules set they use.

So many ideas for a Terminator campaign: season 3 of the TV show, terminators in different historical eras (like those flashbacks in the TV show), alternate timeline future wars (like Dark Fate), cross-overs with Aliens/Predators/Robocop, alternate ‘movie sequels’, using the comic story lines, a reverse-theme where humans are the bad-guys, and on and on...you have no fate, but what you make!

I wonder if we could get an Arnold Cinematic RPG in which you can play any of the characters he has performed from Conan and Hercules to Commando, Teminator, Kindergarten Cop, Julius Benedict, the Running Man to Douglas Quiad.

Every PC is Arnold
Sounds good in theory, but I dont think the game would proceed 30 seconds without someone blurting out an Arnie-ism, "It's Not Ah Tumah, or Get Your Ass to Mahs"!!

I have got an idea:

The true antagonist wasn't a supercomputer what rebelled against the humans, but the "club of immortals", a collective of humans, members of the global elites, whose minds were uploaded into digital memory. But there were psychopaths before the digital uploaded, and now they are even more merciless. When the war started the robots had got an army because the supercomputer was a puppet, but the club of the immortals the puppeteer.

Do you know? Dani Ramos' father (T: Dark Gate) wanted to kill his daughter when he found out she was in the teleserie "Cumbia Ninja".

We have to remember the terminators are very hard to be destroyed. Maybe in the future battlefield are cheap cannon fodder, but the time-travelers sent to the past are the deluxe version, the elite. This means in games set in the present then the PCs have to trick the terminators to go toward special places where they can be destroyed. The first terminator could enter a police station and to kill everybody he found, and in the second movie he could neutralize a complete police squad without causing lethal damage.

Even simple fans of strategy games know all wars cause serious wear and tear. If all resources all consumed surely you will lose the fight. Will we not need more details about how humans could win the war?

What if Terminator saga doesn't worry about temporal paradoxes because it's an artificial simulation as Matrix? Then the alternate timelines would be like interconnected servers of a MMO. Maybe there is a timeline where Skynet and Legion fight each other, using human agents as pawns against the other.



I think the Fate of Cthulhu would be the perfect game for Terminator homebrews. It is a faster version of the Fate Core system, featuring people sent back into their past (our present) in order to prevent a nightmarish disaster. In the base game, that disasters are the coming of Lovecraftian horrors that destroy most of the world "when the stars are right", but it would be very simple to change it to the creation of Skynet instead (or in addition to the mythos...). The book even includes a timing mechanic for the impending doom in the game.

John R Davis

It needs to be set now. Trying to stop events happening so versus the odd terminator and corporations and law enforcements. Occasional time shifts to the future. For the RPG.
A board / card set in the battlefields of the future would be cool as well.

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