There's a TERMINATOR RPG Coming!

A Terminator RPG has just been announced by Nightfall Games, the publisher of SLA Industries. There's no information yet -- just a Facebook page!


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A suffusion of yellow
The only issue I'd have with the setting is that it's tough to find a wide variety of plotlines to explore, as demonstrated by all but the first two movies.

I wonder whether they'll include world-building support for both the present-day and post-apocalyptic sides of the setting.

The Sarah Connor Chronicles did pretty well at diversifying the plots though, you’ve got FBI agents, Hi-Tech Espionage, Gangsters and Revolutionaries, High School Heroes, the whole Time Travel shtick and a whole lot of competing agendas on what they future should look like.

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I'm going to reserve interest until we get some additional information on what we're supposed to be playing (Future War, Time Travellers, All of the Above?)

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