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This is it. Wish Us Luck!


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I'm leaving soon for the last session of our Traveller campaign.

Last week we hijacked a medical ship that we need to stop a nanobot plague that's ravaging the Sol system. Now we have two poorly-armed ships facing off against a military corvette, and we have to boost out of system and jump to hyperspace without getting fragged.

This is it. All or nothing. [MENTION=36055]Woundweaver[/MENTION] and I could use any luck you can send our way.

And may Go(r)d have mercy on us.

ETA. https://prodigalsuns.obsidianportal.com/
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We made it to Sol. Now we are fighting a space battle against a faction that doesn't want to cure the nano-plague.


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Whew! That battle took a long time, but we finally drove off the attackers and escorted the medical ship to Luna. We are big damn heroes.

Political upheaval is coming. My character pulled a Holden and broadcast video to the whole system, of U.N. flagged ships attacking the ship carrying the plague cure. Hopefully this will wake people to the threat of the secret cabal in their midst that is working to control interstellar society. And when this conflict comes into the open, we will be there to profit from it.

So ends the campaign.