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General This is totally a D&D Video...

This is totally D&D...

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  • It totally is D&D...

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J.C. Denton probably
D&D is making an edgy pun and laughing with your friends after slaughtering hordes of enemies in brutal and gory ways.

It is so D&D.


Imperial Mountain Dew Taster
This isn't how you narrate your game intros to your players...

Hmm, maybe I'm doing something wrong...

I suggest the groups Nightwish and Within Temptation.

But if I listen "D&D music" then my minds can't avoid to remember the song from the 80s cartoon.

Lyrics translation:

We arrived a fantastic world
full of strange beings.
The Dungeon Master
gave powers to all (us)
You the barbarian, you the archer
acrobat, wizard and the knight
Dragons and dungeons
an infernal world
hidden among the shadows
the evil forces.



The Stonehenge video sings,

"Stonehenge" where they "danced to pipes of Pan".

Heh, mixing Celtic and Roman mythologies?

I am sure the Druids would be highly offended at getting confused with their mortal enemies.

Then again. Heh. Misrepresenting reallife cultures is totally D&D.

I would rather Sabatton.

Or even Enya.


There is a character from Ravenloft, Jezra Wagner, who makes me remember "the ice queen" son by Within Temptation.


@GreyLord that is d&d AF!

Also once the front man started singing i was a bit surprised, pleasantly, i did not expect to hear a voice so reminiscent of the judas priest lead's voice. Unexpectedly high pitched (yet still powerful) just like rob halford's voice. Also unexpected because neither of these men look like theyd have the voice they do.

@GreyLord id say good candidates for where that could be would be avernus, pandemonium, the demiplane of ash, malbolge (considering that if it was during the night part of its planar cycle the bone white mountains would look dark), or dispaters layer (i forget the name for the greater region outside the city of dys).

Ok, I've heard of 'Spinal Tap'. I had a friend who told me about this really funny parody.

But it seems to have inspired a genre or something?
I think that what actually happened is that from very early on a lot of various rock and metal bands actually had rpg players and often entire parties in them or friends of them which resulted in both parodies and serious pieces relating to rpgs from the very beginning of that lyrical trend. There was also a very strong book, comic, and movie fantacy presence. Conan for instance. All this stuff created a feed back loop and classic rock and metal was involved very early.

Halloween Horror For 5E