This one talks about 10 classes

le Redoutable

Call me the Gaspi
group 2:
A= inoffensive
B= aggressive

group 5:
J= mercurius
K= venus
L= mars
M= jupiter
N= saturn

AJ=> acrobat
BJ=> hunter
AK=> druid
BK=> brute
AL=> policeman
BL=> fighter
AM=> craftsman
BM=> ruler
AN=> teacher
BN=> jeweller

the Acrobat is a mixture of the thief-acrobat of 1E and the monk;
the Hunter is like the ranger in classic ad&d;
the Druid is like in classic ad&d;
the Brute is like the hulk;
the Policeman should have skills like streetwise, sense motive, and persuasion;
the Fighter is like in standard ad&d;
the Craftsman should be able to make items;
the Ruler has spells to influence and gain control of the country;
the Teacher is like a monk, but without martial arts (these are for the acrobat);
the Jeweller is linked to the craftsman: the craftsman has the plans, the jeweller has the artistic features;

each character may climb in all the classes, which vary from level 0 to level 10, so a character should range between level 1 and 100;

the total experience points to reach a level in a class should be 10x(level)^2, so to gain level 1 should cost 10xp, level 2 total cost is 40xp, level 3 is 90xp, up to level 10 which costs 1000xp; there are 10 classes, so to be level 10 in the 10 classes should cost 10000xp;

now let's talk about the Global Level:
the GL is based on the sum of your xp; take the square root and you have your GL;

example1: a character has a total of 320xp; he is GL 17 (reached at 289xp);

example2: a character has 520xp in Acrobat(level 7), 200xp in Brute(level 4), 20xp in Craftsman(level1), 0xp in Druid(level 0), 260xp in Fighter(level5), 110xp in Hunter(level 3), 30xp in Jeweller(level 1), 270xp in Policeman(level5), 100xp in Ruler(level 3), and 20xp in Teacher(level 1), for a grand total xp of 1530 (GL 39, needs 1521xp). the Sum of his Class Levels (SCL) is 30;

example 3: a character has A=3,B=1,C=6,D=6,F=3,H=1,J=4,P=2,R=2,T=4, for a total xp of 1521 too (GL 39). the Sum of his Class Levels (SCL) is 32;

you start the game with (100 + GL +sum of your classes levels) points to distribute among your stats; the upper limit of a given stat is:

GL stat limit
1 -- 15
5 -- 16
14 -- 17
22 -- 18
29 -- 19
35 -- 20
40 -- 21
44 -- 22
47 -- 23
49 -- 24
50 -- 25

( well, I must admit I have lost where and what the stats look like ; perhaps I will publish something useful at a later time )
( the stat Toughness see below is one of the 12 stats ... oh perhaps it is from Ad&d 2nd Ed Player's Option !! )

a total of 144xp to begin the game at GL12, and a requisite of a minimum of
1 class at level 3, 1 at level 2, and 1 at level 1, or
3 classes at level 2, or
2 classes at level 2, and 2 at level 1, or
1 class at level 2, and 4 classes at level 1, or
6 classes at level 1.

now how much of a hit points should you have ?
a formula could be :
25 x level of Brute ===>0-250
+ ((Toughness-3)^2)/10===>0-48
+sum of your classes levels===>6-100
-sum of the classes at 0-level===>-7 to -0
+(level of Fighter)^2===>0-100
+(level of Brute)^2 x toughness x GL /100===>0-2500
total of about 1 to 3000 hit points

at example 2, if the character had 18 in Toughness, that should give him
a total of 25x4+225/10+2+30-1+25+16x18x39/100===>291hp...whew!
==>of his 291hp, about 218 come from the Brute...
==>remember he is level 39 (which should not be easy to achieve...)

at example 3, if the character had also 18 in Toughness, he ought to have
a total of 25x1+225/10+2+32-0+9+1x18x39/100===>98hp...


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