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Due to the nature of the new boards, we can no longer edit the titles of our posts to reflect current fight status, acceptance of challenges, etc.

I figure that, rather than clutter up the boards with challenge threads that get discarded or fight threads named "Bob challenges any WB!", challenges should be organized here, in the following format:

Flavor Text
Choose which ranks you wish to fight
List people whom match your rank criteria but whom you don't wish to fight. Reasons don't need to be given on the boards; if you want to know why someone won't fight you, e-mail or PM them.
List the times you can be online. This makes fights go much quicker. All times should be in board time.

Sabaron meditates calmly by his fish pond, awaiting a challenger
Challenge to WB, YB, DB, GB
Exceptions: MidKnight, Bayne, Archangel
Time: 5 PM to 1 AM

People who accept the challenge open up a thread titled "x vs. y"


Bubba accepts Sabaron's challenge. He's eligible, as he's a White Belt and not listed on my "Exceptions" list. He opens up a thread titled: "Sabaron vs. Bubba"

Once the challenge is accepted and the thread is stared, the person who issued the challenge deletes the challenge message in this thread.
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Sabaron meditates quietly in his dojo after his victory over Bayne. He seeks yet another match in his quest for honor.

Challenge to WB, YB, GB, DB, WS, YS (White and yellow Sashes)
Exceptions: Archangel (already re-matched), Bayne (beat him already)
Times: 5 PM to 1 AM GMT

(note: for some reason my times are given in GMT, not my local time. Weird.)
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Little girl with bad-arsed attitude and big-arsed sword looks for another fight!

Challenge to WB, YB, DB
Exceptions: George (aldready beat the hell out of him!)

(Sorry- I don't get on much, but I will have some free time today and tomorrow. I will start a new thread if someone accepts challenge)

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Berandor said:
Funny thing is... the board time is no longer existant - you choose your time zone and the board calculates your current time.

So, being online at 6pm as of now probably means a whole different time for you.

The solution to this is to say both what time you are on per your time, and to also say what time you are on per GMT. A the bottom left of a thread, everybody should have some text saying how their time relates to GMT. For example, mine has "All times are GMT -5 hours. The time now is 11:57 AM." So I would say, "I'm on at at 16:57 GMT, and will be on until 20:00 GMT." or something like that.



I challenge any color belted fighter

Archangel waits in his sparing area out back of his palace for an opponent.......
challenge to any color belted fighter
exceptions: Niko (I'm oathbound to him)
times: varies (so the match may last for more than one day....)



A gnoll dressed in simple native leathers steps forward, baring his fangs in a snarl.

I, Theriar, seek to challenge the warriors in this land. To prove the honor of the gnoll race, I will fight you all!

Challenge to : WB, YB (will consider higher ranked challengers, but I'm new to this)
Times: 4 PM EST - 8 PM EST, 11 PM EST - 3 AM EST
(May spill over to next day if the challenge drags on.)


Hand and Eye of Piratecat [Moderator]
Editing thread titles is possible again.

So do you still need this thread? And if so, do you want me to add a link to it to the sticky FAQ thread?


Hand and Eye of Piratecat [Moderator]
I'll close this thread now.

More info on the new (or at least current) challenge "rules" can be found here. :)
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