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Hello, it's Lucas from City of Brass, bringing you This Week in the Academy.
It's a bit of a quiet week as most of us were off at Acadecon16! Hope you were able to join us and if you missed it, you can join us next year!

[h=3]The RPG Academy Podcast[/h]First up, our flagship show, and ENnie nominated podcast, The RPG Academy brings you:

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[h=3]Swallows of the South[/h]San Diego area improvisors and creatives, Swallows of the South.

[h=3]Embers Design Studios[/h]Here at Embers Design Studios we dabble in both apps such as City of Brass and publishing.

  • Sunken Temple: Now on Kickstarter, an adventure for D&D 5e, Pathfinder, and W.O.I.N. Lost beneath the waves for untold millennia, the Sunken Temple has been seen again. An adventure inspired by the Cthulhu Mythos.
[h=3]Shark Bone Podcast[/h]Devon and Christopher are back for another season of Shark Bone Podcast, this week they give you:

  • Cradle of Darkness Episode 5: Armed with a plan to deal with the vampires, a battle erupts leaving onlookers stunned and horrified at the violence. Not one to be missed!
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[h=3]Fear the Boot[/h]Creating tabletop games where rules guide, not govern, Fear the Boot Podcast presents:

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[h=3]Redemption[/h]Live play Star Wars Podcast Redemption brings you:

  • Episode 212 – On the Job Training: In which they pull off a vocational freaky Friday and deal with a shipload of trouble! What does that all mean? Well you'll just have to listen to find out.
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[h=3]About The RPG Academy Network[/h]The RPG Academy Network is a group of podcasters, bloggers, writers, designers, and other professionals in the RPG industry. Our members currently:

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