Thondor's "Artifice City" - Superheroes Unleashed


Rogues Gallery for Artifice City.

I may use this OP to post some details on Artifice City, and/or opponents.

The current players are:

Fireinthedust - Doctor Nexus - Maj. Sir Nethaddeus Cavor, MD, PhD etc (mutated Genius in armour)
Mark Chance - American Dreamer - Aiden O'Leary (Former police officer with uncontrollable pre-cognition)
Jemal - ? - ? (Telekinetic ‘Superman’, african american war-vet)
Walking Dad - Yarko the Great - real name? (Master of Magic)
Zerith - Zeta WiP - Zeta (A living locomotive - Steam)
HarryBModest - ? - ? (Teleporter)

Once you've solidified your character (and gotten "approval") please post your character from the OOC thread here.
(The OOC Thread).

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Walking Dad

First Post
[sblock=Yarko the Great]
Identity: Yarko the Great

Accuracy: 2- nimble handed and footed [F]
Toughness: 3- Mystic shields [D]
Brains: 4- Cast a Spell [T], 5- Spell Potency [P], 2- Mystic energy (extra strain) [F]
Senses: 3- Mystic Sight [F]

Superpower Finesse 5- Mystic

* 2 - Gail Martin (love interest)
* 1 - Carol Tate (friend)
* 1 - Fred Lawton (Supreme Court Judge and friend)

Lifepoints: 6
Strainpoints: 7

If Yarko cannot see then he is unable to cast spells.
To cast new spells he must be in his primary form.
Yarko requires artifacts to cast complex spells. The Gem in his Turban is his primary focus. If he is without mystic artifacts he suffers a die penalty.

Description of Talents:

* Cast a Spell (Brains 4): It normally takes Yarko 1-2mins to cast a spell. He can cast a spell in one action if he spends a Strainpoint. He can prepare spells ahead of time to be released as an action. He can maintain 4 spell effects at once.

* Spell Potency (Brains 5): Yarko can mimic the effects of almost any potential Talent as if it was Rank 4 (he could roll 4 dice). One of his favourite spells is to shapechange himself. But he can perform a huge host of other incantations such as enchanting a carpet to fly, or invisibility, intangibility, telekinesis etc.
Spells can last for an entire Scene or confrontation at which point they fade away endless Yarko casts them again or expends Strainpoints.

* Mystic Energy (Brains 2): Yarko has a deep reserve of mystic energy which he uses to boost his spellcasting. This gives him one extra (positive) Strainpoint. His negative 1 repeats.

* Fleet handed-and-footed (Accuracy 2): Yarko can perform classic stage magic and circus tricks. Such as making things dissapear and reappear, as well as walking on a tight-rope or similar tricks.

* Mystic Shields (Toughness 3): Yarko is shielded from hostile magic and mind-control.

* Mystic Sight (Senses 3): Yarko 'sees' and feels magic.

Personality and Background:
Yarko is a stage Magician who is also a True Mage.

Level Up!

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