Thread start dates missing


Victoria Rules
Over the last few days it seems that on the thread title lists that, while the thread starter's name is still noted, the date the thread began has disappeared. Now to find if I'm looking at a new thread or an old one, I have to go in and check its first page.

Any rationale for this?

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CR 1/8
I was away a few days, and immediately noticed this little change. Not a huge thing, but I've been snookered by at least one thread necro so far.


Doors and Corners
I was just coming here to ask if there was something I accidentally changed. Really like seeing if I'm clicking on a thread that just won't die or something new.


Victoria Rules
Just got caught* by another necro thread, so bumping this question.

* - after a certain unknown-to-me length of time the "jump to first unread post" feature stops working, so clicking on the thread title takes me to page one, post one. Seeing the thread's start date acts as a warning this might happen, allowing me to instead just jump to the last page.

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