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Highlighting Some Hesitancy I've Encountered With Potential Costumers​

I've submitted an important e-mail to my fanbase that experienced some formatting issues, but here's a copy I want to share with you guys viewing this thread. Unfortunately human error can, and will occasionally happen. <p> was replaced by <div> and the whole e-mail was one huge wall of text. My bad!

The Message
Dear friend, I'm reaching out to address some common concerns some potential customers are having regarding Knights & Legends: Dark Ink 3e.

You'll see me active on numerous social media websites, including reddit (yikes). One thing in common has been trending among these social media platforms. Hesitancy to buy the latest core book under the claim of not enough content to preview. As you may already know, Knights & Legends has been a best selling series for 4 consecutive years, here on dtrpg.

I can't show a whole lot more, due to fears of exposing my newest product to plagiarism artists. For $5, there's not much at stake imho. You either like it, or you don't. But with 4 consecutive years of best selling products, can you really go wrong?

Knights & Legends: Dark Ink 3e is the 8th wonder of the world. It's a bold statement I know. I am confident you'll like it. But also, there is an important factor at play. If Dark Ink doesn't reach Gold Best Seller within the next two years, I'll no longer be able to continue producing great games like these, because to make quality content like Dark Ink, is taking a significant amount of time and capital. Today, from Dark Ink onward expect nothing less than top quality products. Compare it to other popular trpgs that have been circulating around for many years.

Please take advantage of this coupon and save while mutually supporting your favorite indie dev! I certainly would love to hear your opinion, did you know you can leave a review after 24hrs of your purchase? Your feedback is important.

Felix, J.

Level Up!

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