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Highlighting Some Hesitancy I've Encountered With Potential Costumers​

I've submitted an important e-mail to my fanbase that experienced some formatting issues, but here's a copy I want to share with you guys viewing this thread. Unfortunately human error can, and will occasionally happen. <p> was replaced by <div> and the whole e-mail was one huge wall of text. My bad!

The Message
Dear friend, I'm reaching out to address some common concerns some potential customers are having regarding Knights & Legends: Dark Ink 3e.

You'll see me active on numerous social media websites, including reddit (yikes). One thing in common has been trending among these social media platforms. Hesitancy to buy the latest core book under the claim of not enough content to preview. As you may already know, Knights & Legends has been a best selling series for 4 consecutive years, here on dtrpg.

I can't show a whole lot more, due to fears of exposing my newest product to plagiarism artists. For $5, there's not much at stake imho. You either like it, or you don't. But with 4 consecutive years of best selling products, can you really go wrong?

Knights & Legends: Dark Ink 3e is the 8th wonder of the world. It's a bold statement I know. I am confident you'll like it. But also, there is an important factor at play. If Dark Ink doesn't reach Gold Best Seller within the next two years, I'll no longer be able to continue producing great games like these, because to make quality content like Dark Ink, is taking a significant amount of time and capital. Today, from Dark Ink onward expect nothing less than top quality products. Compare it to other popular trpgs that have been circulating around for many years.

Please take advantage of this coupon and save while mutually supporting your favorite indie dev! I certainly would love to hear your opinion, did you know you can leave a review after 24hrs of your purchase? Your feedback is important.

Felix, J.

Thank you for turning Knights & Legends: Dark Ink 3e into a bestseller in just under 2 weeks. Your support makes a huge difference! While we wait for the upcoming new releases, here's a new deal that could interest you.

Check out this soon to be gone bundle. It features all K&L games to date and was technically supposed to be gone already. I been very busy adding the final touches to upcoming new releases and I forgot. So I'll be extending it till this weekend. Get it before it's gone!


Dear friend, stay tuned for some favorable new changes coming ahead. As you may already know, I'm currently working on 3 upcoming new releases. They're Knights & Legends: Dawn of a New Age, Shotguns & Zombies: Zero Hour, Knights & Legends: Omega. The gaming market is a fast paced ever evolving one! As a writer and programmer if you don't adapt to the market around you, you fall behind.

Knights & Legends TRPGs, ever since 2018, manage to gather a solid cult following from the Americas to Europe. We are a solid small group of players who unite under one common cause, playing Knights & Legends. Be it in person, online, or both. If someone asked me to define what makes K&L great in one word, without a doubt the first word that comes to mind is freedom.

Freedom to choose how you play the rpg you purchased with your money. My world of Ezora, may slightly or largely vary from yours, vice versa. Customization is key to keep Ezora infinitely expanding, and if it isn't enough, remember the Outer World! Two whole worlds in the palm of your hands. You're in control, the core book merely points the way.

Within the next 12 months I'll be transitioning platforms. Unfortunately the commission per sale I currently pay with dtrpg is taking a large chunk of capital which would be better spent in further development of games for you. So, that involves stepping out of my comfort zone in order to secure more funding while keeping my games at affordable prices. As a responsible developer I don't believe it's fair to pass the burden of higher costs to the consumer. You'll continue to pay lower prices, while I receive 100% of funds for your purchase. Nothing speaks independence louder than no more commissions!

I'll be implementing several new features over the weekend at the game's official website, this includes e-mail subscription like the ones you already receive, and important updates to upcoming new releases. This is a zero drama transition, if you've bought Knights & Legends through dtrpg in the past you'll still have access to your files through your library. However, future purchases will be eventually limited to the new platform once it's all up and running, including upcoming new releases. You'll still be able to buy currently released K&L trpgs from dtrpg until end of Q1 2022. Though, that could change without notice. More news coming soon!

Big Changes On The Way (Cont.)
  • Some game's will be going out of circulation for an indefinite amount of time (last chance to own)
  • Knights & Legends: Dawn of a New Age won't be coming to dtrpg
  • Shotguns & Zombies: Zero Hour won't be coming to dtrpg
This is likely the most important article related to the platform transitioning taking effect soon. It's strongly recommended you visit the game's website, as the article contains simply too much information to copy & paste here.


Big News Coming Soon

Hope everyone is doing well! There’s some great new announcements coming in mid November. From Dawn of a New Age to Shotguns & Zombies. Meanwhile, things will be a little quiet for another 2 to 3 weeks while I add the final touches to upcoming new releases. And that’s not everything, you won’t be disappointed.

If you’re just catching up, Knights & Legends is transitioning platforms.




To every single member of the Knights & Legends fanbase, I'd like to wish you a happy holiday season ahead of time. As you may already know I'm transitioning from dtrpg to Itch in order to take full advantage of zero commissions. This move was an important decision in order to keep further development fluent and on time. As of right now, I'll be mostly pushing updates through the game's official website, forums, social media, and the new platform.

It's unlikely you'll see future projects of mine on the site, since better quality comes at a cost. Not only that, I believe K&L already maxed out its fanbase potential on the site. Dark Fantasy isn't for everyone, it's much like being a metal head, or goth etc. You have a fair circle of people who enjoy the same things you enjoy, and these groups are often small, with very few would be pariahs. It's when you go to the big events you see how large the fanbase for whatever things you're into actually is. Moving to Itch is a step in that direction. Expansion, more funding, higher quality. You can't go wrong. It is the main event for Knights & Legends.

Knights & Legends: Dawn of a New Age is scheduled to be released on November 18th, 2021. The 3D game will be launching alongside my newest IP, Shotguns & Zombies: Zero Hour, a TRPG/3D Hybrid. But that's not all, there's another side project of mine, an indirect sequel to Dawn of a New Age, but in an old school 2D JRPG format. Knights & Legends: Omega, will be a free to play episode-based video game with a purchase option like pwyw. If you like it, support it for subsequent episodes.

I've updated the game's official website with some new details about Dawn of a New Age's Ultimate Edition 2.0 Repack. There's some great extras, and a lot more content than previously anticipated. Right now I am adding the final touches to the 3D game and will be working on a new launch video with other marketing material just a few days before the Nov. 18th, launch. I'm running a bit late! Only because I managed to squeeze in Knights & Legends: Dark Ink 3e, the latest core book and setting prep for Dawn of a New Age. Which by the way, has been the fastest selling Knights & Legends title to date. I'm very glad this happened. Thanks a bunch!

I'd like to remind you, your past purchases are unaffected. You'll still have access to your files even though most Knights & Legends products aren't available to purchase through dtrpg anymore. Also, since we're approaching the holiday season, I'd like to give back some of the joy to the tabletop rpg community. Spoiler alert! As of right now, 2019's best selling New Horizon: All-In-One Core Book is scheduled to be revised and made available through the game's official website at absolutely no cost. That means you'll get a solid 180-page trpg for free, starting December 2021. There will be no more excuse not to try Knights & Legends!

As for the original Knights & Legends and its adventure trilogy, there's no word of when it will be made available again. I really wish to push Dark Ink 3e as the new way to play Knights & Legends. If you don't like the game for whatever reason, then there's New Horizon, which offers a more complex multi-layered set of rules. All core books lead to Ezora, so no worries. Please note, Dark Ink will remain available on dtrpg for a couple more months. If you'd like to show your support, please take full advantage of the coupon included in this e-mail.

Thank you immensely for your continued support in the past 4 years! You helped make it possible.

Kindest regards,
Felix, J.

Special price for Knights & Legends: Dark Ink 3e: $4.00 (click the link to apply the discount)
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Knights & Legends is officially transitioning platforms on December 1st, 2021. This means all my titles will no longer be available to purchase through DriveThruRpg. Knights & Legends isn't over, the adventure continues on, where I get 100% of your purchase. If there's any products you wish to add to your library, please visit my publisher page before Dec. 1st. You're invited to check out the game's official website for the latest news.

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