Three Wish Bakery: Open Again for Business!!!



*A peice of parchment hangs from a medium sized shop in the Juxta Emporium. Before the text, the page is marked with three orbs (red, blue, and green) around a loaf of bread (the Bakerys symbol?)*

The Three Wish Bakery
Home of the finest baked goods in the planes!

After a nice, year long vacation, I, Damien Forthnight, have returned to reopen the Three Wish Bakery to the public! My prices are great, and my products are better! Not sure you can make our hours? No problem! Just leave a note here, and I will deliver whatever it is you want, FOR NO EXTRA CHARGE!
Of course, as I can't always work the shop, I am now hiring a store clerk. I pay 5 silver a hour, plus 50% off cakes and pies, and a free loaf of bread a week. Those who are interested, post a note here and maybe we can work out a time to meet. I am willing to raise the price to 1 gold per hour, but not a copper over!

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I will persoanlly attest that the Three Wish cake is the best cake I've ever had!

Nashira Tremont, Marshal of Juxtaposition

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