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ThreeD10 Itch Page Live


Good afternoon,

As per suggestion, we've managed to put the beginnings of an itch page together for the game ThreeD10.

The link for our page is here: ThreeD10

You'll see some of the artwork, the character sheets, and a brief introduction for now. We plan to listen to suggestions and feedback and develop the page based on this. In addition to that I'll be posting pieces of the game's mechanics, specifically what's different about it and what we're trying to accomplish overall. This will take time, however, so please be patient. We're a writer and an artist, not marketers (if that's even a word) so we're trying to learn as we go.

I also plan to post pieces of the game mechanics to this site as well since I've seen a lot of players talk about things I've specifically addressed posted on here, but I've been unwilling to weigh in until things were set up a bit better.

Finally I must address the mistake I made in an earlier post calling the game 3d10 instead of ThreeD10. I'm just used to calling it by its working name: 3d10 so I forgot that the logo and correct spelling of the game is ThreeD10. I apologize for any confusion this might have caused.

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