Time to have a Crash!


Gary Gygax
Listen up!

If this forum has been comprimised, the regulars can get in and read posts here, stop trying to fix the codes.

Just pull the plug on the served, then get to the root of the problem.

Blast it! Someone's going to twig to the fact that I am running this show:(

Get going on this problem!


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Gary Gygax

Somebody has got to fix this problem soon, or else!

Thankfully, it happened on 1 April, so it can be fobbed off on the dupes as an April Fool's joke.

I need to leave the computer, dress for a champaign luncheon a certain party is giving in order to convince me to invest in their new gaming division, so I can't watch these boards any longer. I'll try to get back by evening to see how you bunglers have managed the cover-up.



No problem. We engineer crashes all the time. In fact, if I log on and the board is slow, I just post one of those "down for 15 minutes" announcements and turn the boards off so that I can speedily browse in peace.

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