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Kickstarter Tiny Furniture's "Sitting Folks" : Resin sitting townsfolk : Painted sets available


Each core set consists of three miniatures, table, and two benches. Digital-only and painted sets available. Free digital model available.

Includes a limited number of $160 pledges for all unlocked content. That's a lot of tables.



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At long last just what my miniature collection has always been missing, the Monk Copyists and Toilet Stories. I can finally complete my collection and really make my adventures come to life. I know I'll put the monk copyists on the toilet with a plate of food and a pillow and theyll never have to leave again. Itll be the ultimate scroll sweatshop. I can imagine my players excitement when they enter a damp room that smells of stale urine and feces and see these poor souls. Go forth brave adventurers, vanquish evil and a bowl of mutton stew, we'll keep a toilet open for you.


Tiny Furniture makes fabulous resin miniatures. I’ve already gotten great sets of villagers and dead bodies from them. (Yes, they like to fill out neglected niches).

And if you have an excess of money to spend, Tiny Furniture’s painted miniatures are expertly done. People rave about them (and post amazing pictures of the minis they received) on the Dwarven Forge forums.

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