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Kickstarter TLG's 5th Edition Kickstarter in Full Swing

Troll Lord

First Post
Greetings from the Dens!

All those who tread the paths of the wild, who crawl through the lost dark, plunder treasures of the ancients, must surely find themselves alone and bereft of friends. It is in those moments, when in the cold and dangerous dark that you turn to those you most trust...

5th Edition Familiars & Companions is the ultimate resource for all your familiars and animal companions. Here we treat each class, exploring the possible familiars and companions that best fit the class. In a well balanced approach we return to the familiar to the game in force. A fresh new look for one of the oldest concepts in the game. The wizard's familiar is returned, but now the rogue can turn to the cat in the dark alley, or her very shadow, come alive. The bard's muse becomes manifest, the barbarian's totems are now on the gaming map...and there is so much more.

Come visit the kickstarter page and download a sample! We've posted the BARBARIAN for you to enjoy. Download it and see what all the excitement is about. Also, view Jason Walton's amazing cover for the book!

Its a resource you don't want to miss!
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