To Razor


First Post
the note that had been placed on a certain little girl's dress is now pinned to another note, and and to the boards

I would like to meet you, Razor, and discuss the matters of the little girl.....

- C.D.G

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an inky blackness swirls in tighter and tighter circles until it solidifies into the cloaked being now known as Razor. He reaches out to the cork board to tear down a certain missing note along with tugging down the ransom as well. Bored as always he scans the notices, one reading his name catches his eye and he pauses long enough to read it. Thoughtfully and ever so carefully he pulls out an entricately designed dagger, thin and long and very sharp. He draws the tip along his finger to draw blood before inking in a reply.

now the question might be, where? Or maybe when... I am willing to meet you

The reply is written in neat long hand at the bottom of the note already there.

Epic Threats

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