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Today's The Last Day Of Voting For The Most Anticipated Tabletop RPGs Of 2019!

Is Cyberpunk 2077 official? As far as I know, Pondsmith simply said "probably".


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After a bit more research, it doesn't look like Cyberpunk 2077 is actually a thing. While "most anticipated" isn't a guarantee (as TrippyHippy said), it still has to be an actual game in development, and this is more a "we might make one, but no news yet". I'll probably remove it from the poll for that reason.
Thanks for the clarification. I remember that there was rumors about that but nothing really serious. I guess they'll see if Witcher3 RPG book will sell or not.

I would like a new Cyberpunk book (moreover that I lost my 2020 book around 20 years ago), I can't stand magic in scifi setting (à la Shadowrun).


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With over $500,000 raised on Kickstarter, the Savage Worlds Adventure Edition is almost a sure win, closely followed by either Monte Cook's Cypher System 2nd Edition or Paizo's Pathfinder 2nd Edition

I am starting to wonder if voting is even required to crown the most anticipated RPG?
Wanna take a bet? I doubt Savage Worlds will make first place.

There's definitely several contenders. E.g. "Things from the Flood" raised 4,249,903 SEK, that's almost $500k, too. (It also happens to be the one I'm most looking forward to! Its predecessor "Tales from the Loop" was awesome.)

Some very nice variety in that list. It’s a good time for gaming!

I’m looking forward to Spectaculars and Things From The Flood the most. Spectaculars seems like a nice take on superheroes and has some awesome design elements. Tales From The Loop is a great game, and I’m interested in seeing the next step in Flood.

Demon City should be a compelling horror game. The glimpses of it that I’ve seen have certainly been interesting.

I’m also interested in Dune. Not so much because I want to play it, but just to see how they apply game mechanics to the story elements.


The game that I am most anticipating is Cortex Prime.

This game system did cool innovative stuff in the past, such as Marvel Heroic. And I cant wait to see how they update and consolidate everything.
I have the Cortex system and the Hacker's guide. I had no idea they were coming out with Cortex Prime. It's to bad it is not on the vote list above cause I would have voted for that.


I have the Cortex system and the Hacker's guide. I had no idea they were coming out with Cortex Prime. It's to bad it is not on the vote list above cause I would have voted for that.
One of the people involved with the Cortex Prime project sometimes appears here in ENWorld, @Cam Banks.

What makes Cortext such an appealing gaming system, is the system itself is easy to finetune. For example, in the D&D system a DM is pretty much stuck with the core Str-Dex-Con-Int-Wis-Cha abilities, whether they are balanced or useful or not, or even whether they make sense or not. But in the Cortext system it is simple to switch these out, and use abilities that are more conducive to the needs of the setting and the character.

The Cortext system has done groundbreaking, pioneering work, in designing mechanics for social relationships, to the point that superheroes and nonsuperheroes (such as Superman and Lois Lane) become equally viable characters to play.


It's "probably" coming out next year, while R.Talisoran games did make The Witcher RPG this year, based on the video game, which is part of the business relationship they have currently. There is no reason to assume that they wouldn't want to put out a new Cyberpunk rpg too.

Do we know it will be released next year for sure? No. However, this poll isn't about guarantees, its a speculative poll about how anticipated these games are.
The team at R.Tal have stated that there will be a Cyberpunk: Red released.

Stacie GmrGrl

The next edition of the Cyberpunk rpg isn't 2077, and right now it's just called Cyberpunk Red, and it'll be set in the 2040s to 2050s time period. The only Cyberpunk 2077 is the video game.

edit: Ninja'd.


Wait, what? They're working on a 4th edition of Fading Suns?!?!?
Yup, Ulysses Spiele has been posting monthly insights into the system for the past few months. Bridges said he was hoping for a late fall KS, which I suppose is sill possible.


Although I just heard about it, and backed it on Kickstarter, I am curious to see if I can get Spectaculars to our table.

aramis erak

Technically, 2300 AD is second edition Mongoose 2300 AD; it's the 5th iteration of the 2300 Setting...
1st was "Traveller 2300" by GDW
2nd was "2300 AD" by GDW
3rd was "2320 AD" by QLI
4th was "Traveller:2300 AD" by MGP
the upcoming is the fifth...


Well, that was fun
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Just a week left to vote! We have 1586 voters on the front page, and 463 on the forum thread so far!

Cypher System 2nd.....Pathfinder 2nd......Savage World new edition.....Over The Edge 3rd.....and The Fantasy Trip even though I couldn't find it anywhere on the list.

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