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Tome of Horrors 2: Cover Preview Posted


Demon Lord
from Greenie over at the NG boards:

Hi there!

I have just received a cover preview for our upcoming monster book Tome of Horrors II, the sequel to our award-winning Tome of Horrors!

100% compatible with 3.5 rules, Tome of Horrors II contains over 250 never-before-seen monsters, from the arcanaplasm and the crucifixion spirit to the dreaded encephalon gorger and the extraplanar race of pain merchants known as the N'gathau. But what would a Necromancer Games product be without new demons and devils, including the flesh-rending shedim, the hulking chaaor, ever-shifting ooze demon, and a few fiendish entities that have never before seen print. And like the original Tome of Horrors, Tome of Horrors II is 100% Open Game Content!

Click Here to see a larger preview of the cover now!

Please visit our Upcoming Products Page for more information on Tome of Horrors II.

Have fun!

Orcus' Little Helper


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Demon Lord
Upper_Krust said:
Hey Scott mate! (and hello BOZ matey!) :)

Looking good I can't wait to pick up a copy! :D

Any CR 20+ types for your old mate Krusty? ;)

Hey UK! CR 20+? Of course. Not nearly as many as in Tome 1, but there are a few.....


First Post
On the one hand, I have to have it.

On the other hand, money is scarce and so are my gaming sessions nowaday.

Cruel dilemma.