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i know someone out there requested this (at least, i think there's a reason i did it...)


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Knight Otu

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Great idea! I would have loved to see such a list in the ToH. (but I have my excel table updated by now, so I kind of have that list. ;))


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There's an error in that list! It's ogre, not orge!

And just to be even more evil, a request:
There are several creatures that are said to be often encountered when summoned, like the aerial servant, but said aerial servant is the only one for which a summon monster level is included.

I'd like to have a table with the summon monster and summon nature's ally levels for the relevant creatures.

Also, an update for the undead -- which may be created with create undead and which with create greater undead ?


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Gez said:
There's an error in that list! It's ogre, not orge!

what, ogres don't make you think of orgies? what's wrong with you? :D

heh :)

as for that other stuff, anyone want to take a swing at it? i'm feeling too lazy. ;)


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BOZ said:
what, ogres don't make you think of orgies? what's wrong with you? :D

I'm French. Orge makes me think of barley. Which is a bit too veggie for an ogre.

BOZ said:
as for that other stuff, anyone want to take a swing at it? i'm feeling too lazy. ;)

I had begun, but lost the paper with the draft... If I find it back, I'll continue and post it, but meanwhile....


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bumping a stickied thread?

Anyways, would love to take a swing at the undead / summon animals / monsters if someone sent me the money to do so...

Dont ever start at the university, its not worth it.... bleh


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Just had an idea. Since this is stickied, I could as well repost my SM/SNA list here. Of course, it's probably completely fubared-up by 3.5, but I don't care, I don't do 3.5!

I do 3.11 for Workgroups. That is, 3.0 with lotsa house rules and lotsa things borrowed from 3.5 and AU.

Anyway, enough ramblings:

OK, it has been crossposted over the temporary EN World forum at Nutkinland and (more durably) on the Tome of Horrors forum of Necromancer Games. Now, it is time to finally place it on its rightful place, here, and the Rule of Three will be complete...

Without further ado:

I've first reverse engineered the type and CR of the beasties you can get with summon monster and summon nature's ally as well as the exceptions and special rules (a creature able to deal ability damage has its "virtual CR" boosted for purpose of these spells). I think these tables are consistent with the ones in the Player's Handbook, but if something seems wrong, please comment.

Monster 1:
  • Celestial Sheep [LG]
  • Celestial Deer [NG]
  • Celestial Fox [NG]
  • Fiendish Quipper [LE]
  • Fiendish Muckdweller [NE]
  • Fiendish Small Barracuda [NE]
  • Fiendish Jaculi [CE]
  • Fiendish Skunk [CE]
Monster 2:
  • Celestial Giant Marmoset [LG]
  • Celestial Clubnek [NG]
  • Fire Snake[N]
  • Nupperibo [LE]
  • Fiendish Caribe [NE]
  • Fiendish Land Lamprey [NE]
  • Fiendish Medium Barracuda [NE]
  • Fiendish Witherstench [NE]
  • Fiendish Baric [CE]
  • Fiendish Blood Hawk [CE]
Monster 3:
  • Celestial Electric Eel [LG]
  • Celestial Marble Snake [LG]
  • Celestial Giant Hamster [NG]
  • Celestial Cooshee [CG]
  • Celestial Tiger Barb [CG]
  • Mudman [N]
  • Sandling [N]
  • Fiendish Screaming Devilkin [LE]
  • Fiendish Death Dog [NE]
  • Fiendish Giant Barracuda [NE]
  • Fiendish Dire Goat [CE]
Monster 4:
  • Celestial Banderlog [LG]
  • Celestial Dire Porcupine [NG]
  • Celestial Bunyip [CG]
  • Foo Dog [CG]
  • Fiendish Mobat [NE]
  • Fiendish Moose [NE]
  • Sandman [NE]
  • Barizou [CE]
  • Fiendish Dire Ram [CE]
Monster 5:
  • Protector [LN]
  • Drelb [N]
  • Gloomwing [N]
  • Kargra [N]
  • Phantom Stalker [N]
  • Small Lightning Elemental [N]
  • Stench Kow [N]
  • Thunder Beast [N]
  • Windwalker [N]
  • Fiendish Gorilla Bear [LE]
  • Abyssal Dire Frog [NE]
  • Fiendish Doombat [NE]
  • Azizou [CE]
  • Fiendish Bone Cobbler [CE]
  • Fiendish Kamadan [CE]
Monster 6:
  • Celestial Dire Bison [NG]
  • Guardian Daemon [N]
  • Medium Lightning Elemental [N]
  • Midnight Peddler [N]
  • Fire Nymph [CN]
  • Fiendish Adherer [LE]
  • Fiendish Dire Sloth [NE]
  • Mihstu [NE]
  • Alu-Demon [CE]
  • Cambion [CE]
  • Firefiend [CE]
  • Geruzou [CE]
Monster 7:
  • Celestial Shedu [LG]
  • Aerial Servant [N]
  • Large Lightning Elemental [N]
  • Fiendish Bog Beast [LE]
  • Tormentor of Souls [LE]
  • Fiendish Dragonnel [NE]
  • Hydrodaemon [NE]
  • Fiendish Amphisbaena [CE]
  • Gharros [CE]
  • Lesser Nabasu [CE]
  • Nerizo [CE]
Monster 8:
  • Celestial Greater Shedu [LG]
  • Moon Dog [NG]
  • Common Time Elemental [N]
  • Soul Eater [N]
  • Movanic Deva [NG]
  • Magnesium Spirit [LE]
  • Derghodaemon [NE]
  • Piscodaemon [NE]
  • Aeshma [CE]
  • Daraka [CE]
  • Greater Nabasu [CE]
  • Stirge Demon [CE]
Monster 9:
  • Monadic Deva [NG]
  • Tenebrous Worm [N]
  • Cacodaemon [NE]
  • Charonadaemon [NE]
  • Demonic Knight [CE]
  • Tarry Demodand [CE]

Nature's Ally 1:
  • Deer
  • Fox
  • Jaculi
  • Killmoulis
  • Mandragora
  • Muckdweller
  • Quipper
  • Sheep
  • Skunk
  • Small Barracuda
  • Vegepygmy Commoner
Nature's Ally 2:
  • Al-mi'raj [no psionics]
  • Baric
  • Clubnek
  • Fire Snake
  • Giant Marmoset
  • Medium Barracuda
  • Tri-Flower Frond
  • Vegepygmy Worker
  • Witherstench
Nature's Ally 3:
  • Al-mi'raj [psionics]
  • Archer Bush
  • Axe Beak
  • Bonesnapper
  • Cooshee
  • Dire Goat
  • Electric Eel
  • Giant Barracuda
  • Giant Hamster
  • Kampfult
  • Marble Snake
  • Mudman
  • Sandling
  • Sprite
  • Thorny
  • Tiger Barb
  • Vampire Rose
  • Vegepygmy Guard
Nature's Ally 4:
  • Asswere
  • Atomie [CN]
  • Banderlog
  • Brownie [LG]
  • Bunyip
  • Cobra Flower
  • Dire Porcupine
  • Dire Ram
  • Faerie Dragon [CG]
  • Forester's Bane
  • Forlarren
  • Foxwere
  • Hippocampus [CG]
  • Jack-O-Lantern
  • Jackalwere
  • Jupiter Bloodsucker
  • Owlwere
  • Rock-Horned Lizard
  • Sandman [NE]
  • Strangle Weed
  • Moose
  • Vegepygmy Bodyguard
  • Yellow Musk Creeper
Nature's Ally 5:
  • Algoid
  • Buckawn
  • Caterwaul [CE]
  • Small Lightning Elemental
  • Gorilla Bear
  • Hangman Tree
  • Kelpie [NE]
  • Kargra
  • Pech
  • Phantom Stalker
  • Phycomid
  • Quickling [CE]
  • Vegepygmy Subchief
  • Windwalker
  • Witherweed
  • Hippopotamus
  • Wolfwere
Nature's Ally 6:
  • Amphisbaena
  • Bog Beast
  • Dire Bison
  • Dire Hippopotamus
  • Dire Sloth
  • Dragonnel
  • Fire Nymph [CN]
  • Firefiend [CE]
  • Korred [CN]
  • Leprechaun
  • Lionwere
  • Mihstu [NE]
  • Oliphant
  • Scythe Tree [CE]
  • Vegepygmy Chief
Nature's Ally 7:
  • Aerial Servant
  • Aurumvorax
  • Basidirond
  • Large Lightning Elemental
  • Kelp Devil [NE]
  • Quickwood
Nature's Ally 8:
  • Disenchanter
  • Dragon Horse [NG]
Nature's Ally 9:
  • Ascomoid
  • Nereid

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