Kickstarter Too many Kickstarter projects? Is Kickstarter the new d20 glut?


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I think it will all blow over soon, after a bunch of ill-advised projects fail. But who knows? Maybe it'll become the de facto publishing method for small press RPGs.

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I've contributed to eight Kickstarter Projects and had one funded. I don't think they will be going away soon. It's possible that the glut might thin out a little bit, but having the money in hand before I started my project made a HUGE difference as a small publisher.

And while some consumers might get turned off by too many projects, I think many others (like me) are coming to see it as just another way to shop. It's just like when Amazon started selling books online or Apple started selling music downloads.


What? Me Worry?
I've supported a couple. I think it's an exciting phenomenon. I only support ones that are started by someone whose work I've seen before. If a "name" supports one, I'm more likely to support it; that is, if a Monte Cook says he's putting money into supporting one, I'm inclined to take a look.

I think it would be worthwhile for those thinking of doing a Kickstarter, and who don't have a track record of some kind, to start off with a small project and make sure it gets completed in a timely fashion once funding comes through. I'm leery of supporting projects that seem really substantial if I have no clue about who is doing them. It's one thing to risk a few bucks on a small project, and quite another to support one with a $50+ buy-in, especially if it's by someone who is a complete unknown to me.

I'm still waiting for one project I supported to arrive. It's a few months late. I don't have doubts about it ever showing, but the longer it's taken, the more trepidation I feel about supporting other, similar projects.

I really dug that Steve Jackson did his OGRE Kickstarter and was so successful. I'd love to see other companies and well-known designers go and revive old properties like that. That is, I'd be inclined to support a game or product that put back in print something that may inspire a lot of nostalgia but be too niche-y for a company to think worthwhile.

I equate "Oh no.. Not another Kickstarter" (as applied to RPG products) as "On No, not another book in a catalog I can order"... in other words a sorta stupid attitude. It is a way for smaller publishers to gauge interest and see if it would be profitable.

But then I am a big Kickstarter Fan.


I think a lot of people are blurring the line between investment and donation. Sure, if I put money into something with some expectation of return and it's all gone, I'd be upset. But with kickstarter you're funding someone's effort, not his product.

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This whole thread reminds me of an article by a fairly big site (Gizmodo) that was formerly a big supporter of Kickstarter. You can read it here: We're Done With Kickstarter

Also, about 50% of Kickstarter projects fail, according to most online articles discussing it. However, I'm sure the percentages differ when you narrow projects to a particular area, like RPG material.

All these KS items popping up on ENW remind me somewhat of the d20 glut in the early OGL days. I imagine there's going to be a similar quantity/quality ratio issue with KS as then.


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I have no regrets so far, but I don't tink I'll be going that way much more, unless I really like the products I get this way.

I think that's the point of them. Were you supporting things you didn't really like? If so, you may have been doing it wrong. :)


Well, that was fun
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All these KS items popping up on ENW remind me somewhat of the d20 glut in the early OGL days.

Y'know, that's exactly the analogy I was going to make, but didn't simply because a lot of EN World's readers are new in the last few years and woudn't get the reference. But yes; if I needed a catchprhase for the subject it would be "Is Kickstarter the new d20 glut?" [in fact- I'm gonna edit that into the title; I figure enough people will get it].

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