Too many vampires


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Velaria said:
Heck I don't know if I am making much sense, I understand the frustration with everyone and their mother wanting to be a bloodsucker, heck even I got frustrated back in the days when Vel started patrolling the emporium and killing her own kind when they acted outside of the rules and constraints. (remembers a few wizos that allowed me to bring final death to those that were breaking the rules before they took them over the moon bridge. lol)

Mmmmm I remember when Nightshades meant Kinslay. They were pretty amusin' times. One of these days, Ariel might just take up that fight again...

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:) there has always been a lot of vampires, even before we moved to enworld, and even before TRS became Wizards. It does I think have something to do with blockbuster hits, popular books.... these spark the interests of the players and of course they will play it.

But just to say, if a vampire character comes on, that does not mean he has not been around on the site for 5-10 years already. You cant get rid of them, and well its not like they act like the stereo type of a vampire. Well most don't and if they do, it just usually takes a love interest to make them good anyhow *shifty eyes* I didnt say that. ^_^


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NicholausDennoncourt said:
In my personal option...

I still think there are waaaaaaay too many vampires... jeje
Alright...that's it. First person I'm comin' after is Nichy!

*cackles evilly*

Closely followed by Vel?

*shifty eyes*


I'm one of the oldie vampires! You can't come after me!

Well, technically you can with sunlight, a torch (Made of fire, not the battery kind for our British friends out there :p) and some garlic, for that occasional Italian inspired dish I like to call, 'Carbonara pedes nex'.

Try and figure that one out, muahaha!

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