Top RPG Games for Fall 2022: D&D, Pathfinder, 5E OGL, Vampire, Transformers


ICv2's latest report has come in, for the top five roleplaying games in Fall 2022. ICv2 interviews retailers, distributors, and manufacturers to compile these charts. I maintain an ongoing record of them here so that you can see them over time.

As is usual, D&D tops the chart, and Pathfinder comes in second. This is fourth time that third party 5E material has appeared, after Spring 2020, Spring 2021, and Fall 2022. The last two positions usually change according to what the current hotness is (last time it was Power Rangers and GI Joe, this time it's Vampire and Transformers).

Hasbro's and D&D's sphere of influence is very apparent -- Transformers is a Hasbro property licensed to Renagade, Dungeons & Dragons is of course owned by Hasbro, and both Pathfinder and 5E OGL have D&D roots.

1Dungeons & DragonsWizards of the Coast
35E OGLVarious
4Vampire: the MasqueradeRenegade Game Studios
5TransformersRenegade Game Studios


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WoD and CoD aren't dead franchises, but their best days of glory ended time ago until the new rebith. It is a too rich mythology to fall into the oblivion.

Paradox Interactive can create videogames, they haven't learnt how to create multimedia franchises, and here even Hasbro, a bigger fish and with more experience still is learning.

Maybe the essence20 system is right for one-shot adventures when the players are new or casual. If you are going to play my little pony rpg with your children, then simpler rules are better for these. Maybe WotC should unlock in DMGuild those games, with the right "kid-friendly brand" requeriments, of course.

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Are "World of Darkness" and "Chronicles of Darkness" both still being supported?
Yes. V5 has a range of supplements and more still to come this year, along with Hunter: The Reckoning and a new Werewolf: The Apocalypse edition at the end of the year. Renegade also produces card games and other media for Vampire, so it remains a strong IP.

I am less familiar with Chronicles of Darkness, but think it is still making some supplements. I think Onyx Path is actually more interested in supporting its other lines, like Trinity Continuum and Scion at the moment though. The latter has a TV series coming apparently.

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