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On vacation I drove from Dallas, through the Texas panhandle, Colorado, Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, and Washington state. While watching the varied scenery, several thoughts occurred to me.

One; Idaho is lousy with potato-monsters.

Two; More seriously, what kind of topography do you describe in the games you run? Do they feature buttes and high plains? Rolling, semi-arid grass lands? Do you even considered the game possibilities offered by various topography?

Cities on buttes could be connected by narrow bridge; naturally, a fight will happen on one of those bridge as players try to cross.

Or maybe the villain's lair is in the middle of an open and rolling plain. It will be difficult to sneak up on the man if he has an unobstructed view to every horizon. What does the party do?

What do you think of this kind of thing?

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DMs should look at lots of pictures. Better yet, they should get up close with topography, and own the terrain so that they can bring places to life.

Yes, topography and exhaustion never really get their just do in RP games. Ever actually try to climb up a waterfall? Cross a heavy stream? Sleep in the wet and cold outside? Spot things in a heavily wooded area? Go off the trail for 100 yards? It is all very difficult. Fun, but crazy difficult.

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