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Total eclipse 2024 plans?


CR 1/8
The much-hyped 2024 total eclipse over the US is in two weeks, on April 8.
Anyone making special plans to see it?
Anyone living in the path bracing themselves for the onslaught of tourists?

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CR 1/8
My brother lives in the path of totality near Dallas/Fort Worth, so I'll stay with his family that weekend. We'll probably drive 50-ish miles east to get closer to the center line for a couple extra minutes of totality.

This will be my 7th total eclipse, and likely the most crowded one I've personally witnessed. (I saw the 1999 European eclipse from Bucharest, and though it was pretty crowded, it was generally pretty relaxed.)

For me, at least, those few minutes of totality really are a sublime thing. The weather, the animals, even the people all act strangely under that truly weird spectacle in the sky, a black 'sun' with its ghostly white mane.

If you can see this eclipse (or another in the future), I wholly recommend doing so.


Just last year I moved from Central Ohio where I'd have a great view of it, to SE Michigan, where hopefully I should still be able to see it. I'll be getting out of work just in time to hopefully check it out.


We had one a few/several years ago and it was ok, I think where I am I will see 80%. That should be bright enough to keep me from looking at it too long.



I was lucky enough to go to Gen Con and then drive into KY the day after to see that eclipse in 2017, that was life-changing. I'm hopeful that we'll have clear skies for this one. We're staying in a campground on Sunday and hoping to luck out on Monday before trying to get home.


CR 1/8
A place i was hoping to get to this year but won't is the town of Carbondale, IL. It was also in the path of the 2017 eclipse - two total eclipses in seven years. It's also the location of Boo Castle Park, a D&D themed park which I imagine would be fantastic place to watch from.
If anyone is there, i hope you can share some awesome pics!


No plans, at this point. I got my fix in Seattle, at the end of last October. Clouds, fog, and the eclipse resulted in a sort of lighting that I'm unlikely to ever experience again. If anyone knows people in Seattle who paddleboard around Angle Lake, please let them know I have their picture ;)

EDIT - Those pics are not black and white.

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