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Total eclipse 2024 plans?


I was in the 90% cool enough like the comic shows in the above post. We watched it but I think it was cool, but not 1 hour cool.

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New Publisher
The entirety of New York was heavy cloud cover- we caught glimpses of the total eclipse which was cool, day turned to night and our dogs kind of freaked out (as did some of the wildlife). It was enough to whet our appetites, now we're looking at catching the 2026 or 2027 total eclipse elsewhere.
Same. We might be headed to Australia....



I don't travel these days, like, at all, but I've always wondered if it would really be worth the trouble of trying to catch something like this, given the expense, time, and potential weather-based disappointment. But then this video came out, and very eloquently demonstrated just how unique and amazing an experience it would be. I regret that it's one I probably won't ever partake in, unless my house happens to be in the arc of totality one day.


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