Transformers: The Enigma of Combination sourcebook announced

Renegade Game Studios announced The Enigma of Combination sourcebook for the Transformers Roleplaying Game.


The new sourcebook contains rules for Combiner Transformers such as Devastator, Superion, Menasor, and Defensor made up of several Transformers that can join together in one giant gestalt entity. From the pre-order page:

Join Together!

The infamous Gestalt forms of Devastator, Menasor, Superion, and Defensor could sway the tide of any battle to which they’ve been deployed, and now it’s your chance to join those ranks!

This sourcebook presents everything that players need to create a Combiner character, as well as everything a Game Master needs to run a Combiner campaign. This sourcebook introduces a multitude of new Influences, Origins, and Role Focuses to help build your character. There are several methods your characters can use to join with others, be they Binary Bonded or a member of a Gestalt Team. Explore how to run your own Combiners campaign and JOIN TOGETHER!

The Enigma of Combination requires the Transformers Roleplaying Game Core Rulebook to use.

  • New character options including new influences, Origins, and Role Focuses
  • Several methods Transformers characters can use to join with others, be they Binary Bonded or a member of a Gestalt Team
  • New gear, including methods to make existing weapons larger and more deadly
  • Advice on running a Combiners campaign, including plot hooks, threats, and allies

The hardcover book is available for pre-order for $45.00 for an expected April 2024 release and for a limited time includes a free copy of the PDF.

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Darryl Mott

Darryl Mott

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