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Sale Travel the Rifts - Sale !


This sale is inspired by the 101 Adventure Ideas I wrote for the Rifts® Primer & Adventures. With the Minion War spilling onto Earth and North America being the epicenter of the demons’ invasion, heroes from across the globe are coming to North America via the Rifts and other means. Some come as scouts and diplomatic liaisons to see for themselves how dire the situation really is (see Rifts® Megaverse® in Flames for the gruesome details). Some arrive to join the forces of Hell for their own personal again or to exact vengeance against humanity. Others arrive to exploit the opportunities that always come with the chaos of war. However, the vast majority are heroes and warriors come to join the fight to save the world from the clutches of Hades and Dyval.

This is the perfect opportunity to introduce player characters, NPCs, villains, monsters, weapons and gear from ANYWHERE into your game as people flood to North America. There are so many cool, exotic, and fun characters, armor, weapons, bionics, magicks, and opportunities in the many Rifts® World Books and Sourcebooks, let alone the galaxy spanning Dimension Books. Use them to have a blast. The books offered in this sale are just some of the titles you might want to take a look at to find exciting opportunities for players and Game Masters alike.

Uncork those imaginations and have some fun. Bring in one or more Dragon Cyborg, Ninja Juicer, Ninja ‘Borg, Cyber-Samurai, Tengu Winged Goblin, Samurai Class SAMAS or Glitter Boys from Rifts® Japan. And/or the Ulti-Max or Dyna-Max or War Eagle or Wolfhound from Germany (Triax and the NGR and Triax 2 respectively); or the Angels of Death and Vengeance from Rifts® Mindwerks along with a slew of whacked out Crazies, D-Bees, monsters, and Gene-Splicers. Or what about the awesome magical and tragic Anti-Monster (a personal favorite of mine), robot dinosaurs, or a literal Flying Tiger from Rifts® South America (One)? Or the Arkhon aliens or Megaversal Legion from Rifts® South America 2? And what about the wild cyborg designs from Warlords of Russia? Or characters, cyborgs, and tech from Rifts® Sovietski? Or a Kwarla Mystic, Mokoloi Reptilian, Shadow People, or Prey Stalker power armor from Rifts® Australia? Have some fun traveling the Rifts and unleashing your imaginations. The possibilities are endless!

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