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Treasure Generator ala Jamis Buck

Da Man

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Greetings all,

I have a few questions regarding the treasure generator on Jamis Buck's site and was hoping someone might be able to aid me.

For one, what are the distinctions that are made by each scroll. For example, I just generated the following scrolls:

arcane (150 gp)
Blindness/Deafness (l2, cl3)
arcane (75 gp)
Lullaby (l1, cl1)
Silent Image (l1, cl1)
Burning Hands (l1, cl1)

Is that an 'I' or an 'L' and what does it stand for?

How about the 'cl'? What does that stand for?

And secondly, how do you know what source the spell/item comes from? Is there a list somewhere that is constantly updated?



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Level #, caster level #. There are text files included with the treasure generator that includes all spells (weapons, armor, gems...)

Da Man

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But, I cannot find the text files.

Could you please point me to them?

I simply need to know what book some of these spells and/or magic items are coming from so that I can look 'em up.


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Ae you using the online version or the downloaded version?

Youi can't see the data in the online version, but it's easily avaliable in the offline version - (main folder)\dat\(source name). For example, C:\Program Files\Treasure Generator\dat\boem\ for the Book Of Eldritch Might.

Da Man

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Cool. I got ya.

There are a bunch of .bsk files in the DAT folder. I can check them out with a Text Editor.

But, I am still in a bit of a bind.

Let's say I do a random treasure and it comes up with Magic Item A.

Is there a quick and easy way for me to locate Magic Item A or do you have to go through each of the data files above?

I guess I am looking for a searchable index or something similar.

Thanks a lot for your time.



Data search

There is a button on the bottom left hand corner of the generator screen that is labeled - Show treasure parameters. It shows the files that are currently selected to use for generating the treasure. This doesn't tell you which one it came from but it tells you which ones you have selected to use.

You can change the selected files by going to the options tab and selecting/deselecting the files you want used.


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Seeing where items came from

The easiest way to see, immediately, what source a given item came from, is to select the "show sources" option before you generate a treasure. It will then list next to each item or spell the name of the book or issue of the magazine from whence the item was pulled.

Hope that helps,


P.S. I really wish these messageboards worked with Mozilla... drives me crazy... :(

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