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TRUE BLOOD #3:Scratches/Season 2/2009

Truth Seeker


When Sookie is attacked by a mysterious creature, Bill must enlist Eric’s (Alexander Skarsgård) help to save her. At the Light of Day retreat, Jason has second thoughts about the sect’s anti-vampire agenda, but Sarah and Steve counter his doubts with flattery and promises. After snapping at Tara (Rutina Wesley) and new employee Daphne (Ashley Jones), Sam decides to cut and run. A bored Jessica heads over to Merlotte’s, where a smitten Hoyt (Jim Parrack) falls under her spell. At another Maryann-hosted party, Tara finds her attraction to Eggs (Mehcad Brooks) interrupted by a swirling, aphrodisiac fog.


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Fast Learner

First Post
Assuming it will all be explained eventually, I'm totally digging on the cool new critters and power and such. That doctor was awesomely weird, and despite the black eyes issue, that looked like a party I'd want to attend. :)


Yeah. There seems to be a lot of planning ahead, and a lot happening. I expect Jason and Bill will have a showdown the way things are going.


First Post
I liked this episode, but not as much as last week's episode. I liked Sookie more this episode, even though I wanted Bill to stay pissed at her. Ah well.

I read a very interesting analysis of the Bill/Sookie conversation in the car on TWOP that I wanted to share. Basically, it boils down to Sookie thinking vampires are alright... as long as they act human. When they act like vampires, they're Bad. There's a subtle tone of racism there that I know I didn't pick up on when I watched the episode. Bill on the other hand has the more open-minded approach in that there's good and bad in everyone, no matter the species.

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