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TRUE BLOOD #10:Fresh Blood/Season III/2010


Yes, more has happened, but all of that happening occurred in about 5 minutes out of the 60. There were long, slow, mostly-pointless conversations again and again, making the whole thing drag. Not even conversations where interesting things were happening (I love it when the actor playing Russell chews the scenery, for example). I really do mean that the pacing of the episode was extremely slow: that doesn't mean nothing happened.

I really can't agree with that at all.

I am not sure slow is the right word, but I think the problem is there are several parallel storylines, and the show tends to be filled with setup of these parallel lines and then rapidly reaching a conclusion (or cliffhanger) towards the end.
Ok, I can see what you're saying, but to me, this is what makes the show vibrant and exciting. I don't know who's story or action is going to take the lime-light next and everybody's story advances significantly during every scene.

That, and this is the polar-opposite of slow pacing...

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Hah! What would you fill it with? Red jello? :D

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I spoke to some fans of the series at work and they said get thru the first season and the second is much better as plots build and expand.

So.... I have finished season one and just begun the second. We'll see how it goes.

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