True Stories at the Gaming Table


I crit!
True story.

I ran an AL EPIC and the party at my table almost didn't make it. At the last minute they pulled through and found an Arrow of Dragon Slaying.

The owner of said arrow kept playing that character for years and never used the Arrow. One convention, years later, and many miles away, the EPIC tables broke out in cheers. Someone had killed the Dragon that was dropping PC's with an Arrow of Dragon Slaying. Yes, the very one. I didn't even know he was at that convention.

We celebrated afterwards.

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Look, I admit I'm a bad person but I was hoping this thread was going to be about truly horrible people being horrible. I was hoping for some schadenfreude.


I crit!
True story

I was running a game at a con with a group that was kind of amazing. They gelled really well together and took bad news in stride and fun. I really enjoyed running for them.

They threw me a ton of curveballs and I ran with them. We had a great time.

After I discovered that they were that adventures authors gaming group. And the author was among them! No wonder!

His players didn’t know the mod and he edited into the mod some of what I’d done at the table. How’s that for play testing!


I crit!
True story

I was playing the role of the wandering monster at NukeCon a local convention. I wondered over to a tier 4 table with six 20th level characters.

They were in a bad way. Three of six were standing and all had single digit HP.

As the WM I had several options but they had triggered the worst of them so I dumped on them. In my defense I usually play high level games on hard mode and I knew these players and their characters. Tough and bristling with magic items.

I killed three of them, dead dead, and dropped the mage to a single HP.

The player, for the first time ever in her long history of playing D&D, cast wish to bring everyone back. The scramble to get the wording just right was a sight.

She cast it, the DM strictly interpreted it and she mostly got what she wanted.

And then she burnt out the ability to EVER cast wish again. Ooof.

That was a blast, the whole weekend was.

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I was playing the role of the wandering monster at NukeCon a local convention.

I've only attended NukeCon once. Ran Palace of the Silver Princess using Holmes Basic + Greyhawk/Blackmoor/EW.

The party handled the encounters on the first level fairly well; but up on the second level, they ran afoul of an angry troll (which they tricked into yeeting itself out of the palace and plummeting to its death) and suffered a few casualties from the decapus before ultimately meeting a horrible doom at the hands of the dancing apparitions in the ballroom.

It was epic.
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