TTRPG Gaming Event in Mesa, Arizona on December 9th: Searching for players!

Hello there!

I'm looking for players who are interested in one-shots at an open gaming event in Mesa, Arizona. The event is being held at Silver Key Lounge and is free for all ages. The games range from beginner to experienced, so all experience levels are welcome.

Walk-ups are allowed as long as there is still room at the table. Currently, we have open slots for the following systems:
  • Coyote and Crow
  • Dungeon Crawl Classics
  • fear&reason: A small RPG about a big cosmic horror
  • Dungeons and Dragons 5e (Fearsome Foes)
  • Laughing Moon RPG
  • Shadowrun 6e
  • Weird Frontiers
  • The Beast
Sign up by clicking this link!

For more information about the event itself, check out the website at HERE!

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