Level Up (A5E) Turning Mythological Figures & Maleficent Monsters into A5e Resources


MF&MM is an excellent resource, but it was written with O5e Narrators in mind. I don’t think a full rewrite of the book for A5e is necessary, and it’s not even where I’d like to see ENPublishing focus in the future. There are other, more original projects that would better serve the community and the game.

However, I do think it can be a marvelous tool for finding places A5e still needs to develop new material, especially for player options. I would love to see A5e reach the point where I could point to any (vaguely humanoid) figure in the book and say “The resources exist for me to construct this character and represent them well.”

Ideas off the top of my head:

Houdini: Escape Artist Rogue
Jeckyll & Hyde: I smell a Warlock archetype here
Drona: I really think the Indic epics in general are underutilized Herald material
Circe: Bard? Sorcerer? Wizard? Synergy feat? Who knows!
Achilles: Sing, O Narrator, of the Rage of the Berserker
Maui: Oceania-themed Druid
Sun Wukong: I need an Adept here
Sherlock Holmes: Detective savant
Odysseus: Trickster savant
Don Quixote: A hilarious herald
Genghis Khan: Horse Lord marshal


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