4E TURTLEDOME! (Battle Bone!) -- Part 2


This is a pleasant surprise! I miss this game a lot, and I'd just like to repeat: Kenhood may be the best DM I've played with (other than disappearing). If, btw, he ever does return to see this post, I'd very much like to speak to him about his writing career and how that's going; I've got a company, and he's got some real talent...

However, yes. I'm terrible with this pbp character sheet paperwork, but I might as well advance Emral properly.

Wheldon: excellent proposition. How are you, btw?


...y'know, reviewing the thread I think I can only blame myself. I think... I think I killed KenHood with that joke about West Side Story!


Maybe if I can get a cleric to show up and perform a Resurrection he'll return? I mean, this is a 4e game, maybe *anyone* with the Ritual feat could do it...

Judges: are there player characters of a high enough level who can post here with the appropriate ritual, or would another cleric be needed, say an NPC?


This is a pleasant surprise! I miss this game a lot, and I'd just like to repeat: Kenhood may be the best DM I've played with.

Wheldon: excellent proposition. How are you, btw?
This was a great game. KenHood had a great imagination and a fun sense of humor.

I've been well. Busy year for us, and I'm looking to get back into L4W for some mental relaxation. I was going to Encounters at my local gaming store, but stopped around the same time as this thread fizzled out.

How have you been?

P.S. It would be great if a judge wanted to approve the XP awarded above


busy on my end. All my games are suffering. I'm working 7 days a week for various reasons, and I'm working on self-publishing. It's fun, but hectic and tiring. I really could use a lottery jackpot win, y'know:p

.... so far no response to my idea of getting a cleric to come by and raise KenHood directly. Since the Judges would possibly need a DM to run a game for us, or I'd need to submit an adventure and get players together for this to work (and that's a lot of work), I'll have to act within the bounds of *this* game.

Okay, matters taken directly into my own hands.

I think then that I'll have to argue with reality. Being the party's last remaining magic user, that's part and parcel of my gig. Therefore some statements that must hold true for the game to function:

1) The job of the DM is to run all characters who are not the players, and point out when player actions don't happen even when it's okay within the "rules" via DM fiat.

2) The Players have control over their characters so long as the DM doesn't fiat their actions. They do not have control over characters who are not theirs.

3) Seeing as the DM (KenHood) has died, he cannot fiat actions by me using Emral (my character). So long as I only use my character, it's within my authority.

4) Seeing as the DM died without having said that the game is officially over AND neither the judges nor the board mods have locked this there, I can only conclude that the game is still going. After all, even with the XP given (as per Weldon's request) there hasn't been a description of how our characters got out of TURTLEDOME!, nor have they been narrated into a new scene by another DM. While games could have ended thus, they could be described as between posts RATHER THAN ended. The DM hasn't stated that the game has ended, that this is what the "space" we're in is, it falls to us to decide its status. I vote that the game is still on!

5) Mid-game Emral had a vision of some sort of an EPIC version of himself. No authority determined that this Emral didn't exist, or that my depiction of him wasn't okay. Therefore this epic Emral is legitimately available for my use in this scenario, just as he was legitimate for me to use in the scene earlier in the game!

*****With that a crack of lightning strikes the center of TURTLEDOME!, separating Emral and Weldon from the various monsters surrounding them. Between them both is a larger-than-life version of Emral, a muscular human-shape covered in intricate lines of energy, each cycling between different elements: frost, fire, storm, water, and some not used by any Genasi before. Wherever the elements course his body takes on the semblance of that element, such as burning embers with flame and crackling lightning when storm-energy passes through him. Girded about his waist is a thick belt with an enormous buckle; the shape on the buckle is a shrunken skull with two runes on it: KH.

I feel it is high time I added my own action to this conundrum.Being an epic character, with the ritual caster feat and the Raise Dead ritual, I have the power to raise....Oh drat! I just realized: Raise Dead in 4e only fixes someone who's been dead for 30 days or less. Dang.Um... Well, I don't suppose I could just add my own proposition to the above list while I'm here?Okay, here goes:

6) There's been no conclusive causal link between West Side Story and heart conditions.

7) Anyway, KenHood posted that he was having a heart problem in the middle of writing something. If he couldn't finish the words, how could he have pressed Submit Reply to actually post it?

Oh, good one! And thanks for coming out for team KenHood!

Let's see if we've made any progress:

((Fire pokes KenHood's body several times, and rifles through his pockets for change, I.D., keys, etc.))