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4E Underneath the Undeath [DM: Voda Vosa; Judge: ?]

Voda Vosa

Vermitrax walks outside the tavern, his staff and book flying behind him, animated by some spell perhaps. He leads whoever wants to follow him to the outskirts of the town, and outside the gates. He stands and looks at each of you in turn... "Make introductions short and informative, before we get down to business."

Introduce your characters for a final player count please! Keep in mind some of the character don't know each other.


Rules and Notes

All monsters will go on the same initiative count so that I can take their turn in one post and not hold up the game.

The players may post their actions in any order and those actions will be resolved in the order posted.

If an ally creates an effect that last until end of the next turn, please be sure that it only affects you once, no matter what order you act in.

Out of turn actions must be used before I post the next set of enemy actions. If you want to post a contingency to use an out of turn action, do so, I will try my best to remember them, but you may need to remind me.

Combat will be run through Google docs, HERE.


On the Combat stats sheet, add your PC Name, initiative modifier, max hp and defenses and any special traits your character has (e.g. darkvision, resistance to dmg).
On combat situation, whenever you make a succesful attack and deal damage or conditions to an enemy, please add the damage to the corresponding monster in the Total Damage column. Notice that the fields that you can eddit are coloured in light orange, and the fields you should not touch are in grey. In the TotalDamage column, add damage like: =0+previous damage+Damage dealt by you, so the formulas don't blow out. I will not add the damage for you, if you forgot to do it, it will be forfeit.
You will have to move your token in the maps, I will not do it for you.


Kurnos rises from the tavern floor and follows the mage quietly till they arrive outside the city gates. When Vermitrax tells them to make introductions, the minotaur looks around at the others to see who will speak first. Seeing the others looking at him with the same question in their minds, he decides to go ahead.

"I am Kurnos, a monk. I travel the land searching for items stolen from my murdered master. I seek enlightenment within the labyrinth which is life." Putting his large hands together as if praying, he closes his eyes and dips his head in a shallow bow to each other member of the group, and lastly to Vermitrax, their patron. Being done, he waits in silence for the others to continue.

[sblock=Actions/Stat Block]Start=
[sblock=Stat Block]Kurnos - Male Minotaur Monk 1
Initiative: +4, Passive perception: 20, Passive Insight: 18
AC 18 (20 vs opportunity attacks provoked during a charge), Fortitude 14, Reflex 15, Will 14
HP: 24/24, Bloodied: 12, Surge value: 6, Surges/day: 9, Temporary HP: 0
Speed: 6 squares, AP: 1, Second Wind: unused
:bmelee:Melee Basic Attack w/ Monk Unarmed Strike = +5/1d8+2
:branged:Ranged Basic Attack w/ Shuriken = +7/1d4+4

Powers: Crane's Wings , Dancing Cobra, Centered Breath Flurry of Blows
Goring Charge, Open the Gate of Battle (Attack), Open the Gate of Battle (Move)
Masterful Spiral[/sblock][/sblock]
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Chambers sighs, rolls his eyes. He deigns to pay half-hearted attention to the others' introductions, but is obviously dismissive. "Yes, hello, I'm Chambers, and if somebody pays me enough I'll throw sharp things at other things until they stop moving. What qualifies as enough depends on what needs doing, and how likely they are to kill me." He leans in to Vermitrax: "Which means I ain't in or out o' this for good til you've said your piece, so no more beatin' around the bush."

[sblock=Statblock]Logan Chambers - Male Human Seeker|Ranger 1
Initiative: +4, Passive perception: 19, Passive Insight: 14
AC:16 Fort:12 Ref:15 Will:16
HP: 22/22 Bloodied: 11 Surge value: 5 Surges/day: 6
Speed: 6 squares, AP: 1, Second Wind: unused, Temporary HP: 0
Melee Basic Attack: +4 vs AC, 1d4

Powers:Clever Shot, Biting Swarm, Grappling Spirits, Hunter's Quarry, Fox's Cunning, Inevitable Shot, Swarming Bats, Spirits' Rebuke[/sblock]


Zaroch take off his spectacles and polishes them on his robe as he addresses the group.

"I am Zaroch. Scholar, lawyer, and arcane enthusiast. I can make people do what I want them to do whether they like it or not. Magics that invade the mind or fool the senses are my speciality."


Boris pays little heed to both of the instructions making an introduction neither very short or particularly informative. Whether the reason is due to ignorance or disobedience is entirely unclear.

"We have been named Boris. Before Boris we were known as the Cursed One. We serve the Crimson Legion, we are the Shadow of the Sun. We search for a name less lightly given as we hone our talents and skills in the name of the Light. But we are not afraid to walk amongst the Shadows. We stand in the path of danger unflinching."

[sblock=The Cursed One]
The Cursed One aka Boris
Human Hybrid Paladin | Warlock 3
Passive Perception/Insight 10
AC:20, Fort:17, Reflex:16, Will:17, Speed:5
HP: (+0 THP) 39/39, Bloodied:19, Surge Value:9, Surges left:11/11
Initiative +2
Action Points: 1 (encounter):


MBA: Eldritch Strike +9 vs AC, 1d12+5 damage

Divine Challenge:
Divine Sanction:
Warlock's Curse:
Eldritch Strike, Ardent Strike, Dire Radiance
Helm of Seven Deaths: Souls Captured 1/7

Blade of Crimson: USED
Valorous Smite: USED
Otherwind Stride: USED
Helm of Seven Deaths: Unavailable
Second Wind

Crown of Stars:
Bless Weapon: Active
Fullblade of Defense:
Dazzling Plate Armour:
Helm of Seven Deaths: Unavailable

Potions of Healing: 1/1
Augmenting Whetstone: 2/2

Combat notes:
Dazzling Plate: TCO gains +2 to all defenses vs Charm, Fear and Psychic attacks.
Gauntlets of Arcane Might: TCO gains 2 THP when he hits an enemy he marks with an arcane attack.
Fullblade of Defense: Resist 1 vs All dmg;
TCO will use his Fullblade of Defense Daily power to halve damage of an attack will reduce him below 0.
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Voda Vosa

"Splendid." chimes up the wizard. "Now listen to me carefully, the mission I will commend to you is vighly important. It has several aspects in it, one is timing, second is accuracy. I need you to get in one precise place and destroy precisely something in a precise moment." he says, as an introduction, before tapping his staff against the ground. From his pack, a map flies out by itself, unrolling and floating before the adventurers to see.


The map depicts a forest region and a mountain range beyond. There are several features in the forest, and a complicated line that stretches back and forth. "The lone Mountains are your destinations, there you will find an abandoned mine. You must first cross Daunton's forest." It is impossible not to look confused by the line, and Vermitrax had predicted that. "There's a reason for such un-parsimonious path through the forest. A giant troll has been spotted recently; apparently the brute made the forest his home for the season. I have studied the reports and made a probability 0 path. If you stick to the path it is highly unlikely that you'll encounter the troll. Keep your eyes open, since there is no actual path, and its easy to lose your way in the forest. In the unlike event that you encounter the troll... Run for your lives, the creature has devastated entire battalions of trained soldiers since its arrival. You'll have only a week to cover the distance to the mountains to stay on schedule. In the worst case, its better that you be late than dead, so take the necessarily precautions." Vermitrax looks at each of you for a moment, to let his words sink. The map rolls itself and stores in Vermitrax backpack. Another takes its place:

The other Map

"These are the schematics of Brendan Brothers' ore mines. Both brothers are dead, no family. The mines were abandoned 15 years ago. I have performed extensive research, and found out these mines lie directly beneath the mausoleum of a powerful Lich. The lich is mine and my group's target; but in order to access the lich's sanctorum, I need you all to infiltrate in the mine and collapse the room marked with a C. I will contact you via a Sending ritual when we are in position, and then you blow up the room. Beware, despite the mines being abandoned, they are close to the lich's lair, so I suspect the negative energy might have caused some restless dead to rise." The map folds itself upon some unspoken command and storing itself in the wizard's bag. Vermitrax crosses his hands behind his back and walks in front of the assembled heroes. "This is it, I recommend you start walking. As for payment, you'll get a share of the treasures we recover from the lich's mausoleum, and you can of course keep whatever valuables you find in your journey." he says.


Nodding throughout the explanation from the wizard, Kurnos bows again at the end of the speech. Birds leap from the trees, startled by the loud noise like thunder when the minotaur clears his throat to get Vermitrax's attention and permission to speak. "Excuse please. You are coming with us on this journey, or were we supposed to memorize those maps from that short look before you stored them back in your pack? Other than that, I am fine with doing this mission for you as given."

OOC: I can see the second map of the mine, but not the first one of the forest. It says there is some error. Might be the PC I'm on now though, I'll check at home. Do we need to provide a token image for the map to you, or will it just be character name first initials or something?

Edit: Okay, I can see both maps now on my home PC.
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Boris nods at the wizard's words. "This troll sounds like a worthy foe. Maybe on the way home ... in any case, if time is of the essence, shall we be on our way?"

Voda Vosa

"Excuse please. You are coming with us on this journey, or were we supposed to memorize those maps from that short look before you stored them back in your pack? Other than that, I am fine with doing this mission for you as given."
Vermitrax shoots an empty stare at the monk, raising an eyebrow. "You want the maps? Don't tell me you want explosives too!"

Convince the wizard! Bluff, diplomacy and insight and intimidate as secondary skills. Win: Vermitrax will hand out explosives and the maps. DC 15. accumulate 3 successes before 2 failures.


Chambers arches an eyebrow. "You're yankin' our chain. If we don't get to that room and blow it up on time, you and your group're screwed, right? You got no reason not to give us the map and explosives, so this is some kinda stupid test. Well I ain't got time for this nonsense, so hand 'em over, wise guy."


Kurnos tilts his head to the side and narrows his eyes in confusion. Exhaling a loud breath, he tries to puzzle out why their patron is now hindering the mission he is trying to send them on. "So if we die in the woods because we run into the troll, is okay with you? If we make it into mines, is there some other way to collapse room? Surely anything of value like that was looted long ago, yes?"


"You are going to give us that map and anything else that might be able to aid us." Zaroch asserts, staring deep in to Vertimax's eyes. "You are going to give them to us, because I want them, and I get what I want. And do you know why I get what I want? Because people like to give me what I want. Just like you."

He pauses a moment to let his words sink in. He adjusts his glasses and tents his fingers during the silence, but is careful not to break eye contact.

"You do want to give me that which I desire, don't you? Don't you?"

OOC: Using suggestion to make an Arcana check in place of a Diplomacy check.


"My companions are right, wizard. We would not be late, nor would we arrive empty handed, and so fail our part. I'm sure with your talent you can provide us a copy of the map. And with your resources explosives should be less then a hurdle. So, please, let us not delay. Show good grace and we shall depart in good spirit."


bending branches, snapping twigs and metal clinking can be heard in the distance. The cacophony seems to be meandering in the parties general direction.

Voda Vosa

The group's colaborative efforts bring the wizard to his senses. Vermitrax sighs. "Alright... I guess I can spare these reagents and the maps. I've memorized them any ways..." With a gesture, the maps leave the wizard's pack, along with three flasks of an intense orange liquid. "Careful with those, a violent shake and you'll get spread like butter on a toast.". The flying mine map accidentally (?) snares on a twig, and rips in pieces. "Woops... Well I'm sure you can figure it out later. Now get on your way quickly, I'll gather the other team. We'll be in touch." With that the mage departs, leaving the party to their own right.

Skill challenge completed! Almost lost it by 1 point though! C-close! The party has adquired a map of the forest, the pieces of the mine map, and three flasks of explosives. Not sure what [MENTION=82643]CaBaNa[/MENTION]is doing here (?). The higher level group departs from the tavern, and dimsdale is the DM.


OOC: Just keeping Kamotz RP up. Sharpe and Kamotz followed the group out, when the town began putting out the fires, Sharpe meandered back to the tavern. Kamotz is still looking for Vermitrax, he'll likely follow him back after finding him.


Kurnos bows once more to Vermitrax in parting, then makes ready to follow the rest of the party once they've looked at the map again to confirm their route.


Boris frowns as the mage stalks away. He turns to regard the torn map and enquires to those gathered with him. "Anyone of talent amongst us? One who can repair that map?"

He regards the explosives. "Perhaps it would be safest if we carried these bottles."

Studying those with him for their reaction he eventually asks "So, shall we make haste to this Dark Forest and find our way from there?"


As the group is getting ready to go, a young human comes jogging up the hill.

Panting he says, "Are you the ones the wizard told me to come and find? Yes, you must be. My name is Alek Spellfurry. That strange wizard promised me information on a dragon i am seeking if i were to come here and assist you with the task he laid before you."

He stops and catches his break before continuing. "He told me that you would be able to tell me everything i need to know about your mission."

Alek waits to be told the goal of their mission. While he is waiting, he takes an instinctive step back and he notices the minotaur. He is obviously shocked at seeing it, but says nothing.

OOC: Alek Spellfury - Male Human Sorccerer (dragon) (level 1)
Initiative: +0, Passive perception: 10, Passive Insight: 10
AC 13 , Fortitude 14, Reflex 11, Will 17
Resist: 5 thunder
HP: 22/22, Bloodied: 11, Surge value: 7, Surges/day: 5/7, Temporary HP: 0
Speed: 6 squares, AP: 1, Second Wind: unused
Melee Basic Attack w/ punch = +3/1d4+3
Ranged Basic Attack w/ implemented = +0/1d4

Powers: burning spray, dragon frost, heroic effort, thunder slam, dragonfang bolt. (Move)

Also, Alek has a dragonling familiar in the form a tattoo on his arm when it is in passive state. Currently it is in passive.

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