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ZEITGEIST Understanding Display of Heroism

Hey all -- I'm trying to make sure I understand the "Display of Heroism" ability of the Yerasol Veteran background. Specifically: can it be used to aid an ally that is unconscious/dying? It's an awesome ability that has lead to some awesome saves in combats in our campaign, with the Yerasol Veteran character swooping in to bring a dying allies back to their feet. But I noticed that it says you can bring people back "even from the brink of consciousness," which suggests it's not intended to work if someone is actually below 0 hit points. As cool as some of the saves have been, I'm a bit nervous about this as the characters level up -- with the Yerasol Veteran now at 11th level, he can essentially revive his party members for free (as long as he's next to them) as long as they have hit dice left.

How have others treated this? Do you apply it to unconscious/dying PCs in your games?

I've pasted the full text here for reference:

New Feat: Display of Heroism
You unfortunately have great experience rescuing allies on the battlefield. As an action you can assist an ally who is imperiled. You can lift the ally to their feet if they are prone, and if you have any movement left for the turn you can drag the ally with you. Until the start of your next turn, as long as the ally remains beside you, any attacks made against that ally have disadvantage. Your heroic example can rouse your ally’s, even from the brink of consciousness, allowing the ally to spend a hit die to heal. Only 1 point is actual healing; the rest are temporary hit points.
At 5th level you can do this as a bonus action. At 10th level this no longer requires any action, though you can help no more than two allies this way per turn.

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