Unearthed Arcana Unearthed Arcana: Giant Soul Sorcerer

I like the bonus spells and all the different things that vary by giant (dragon sorcerers and circle of the land druids should have this kind of variety), but it seems like it is trying to make the melee sorcerer without a lot of things that are good for melee. It is a strange day when the hill giant origin makes for a "better" fit than many other types. I might have given the fire giant flame blade, the storm giant thunderous smite, and ensnaring strike for the stone giant. Not sure what I would give the cloud giant.

The issue with sorcerers as superheroes is that there isn't a lot of built in incentive for leveling up (other than "everyone else is doing it"). Presumably a wizard wants to know more, a paladin wants to fulfill his/her oath, the warlock wants to get the most out of his/her deal before the patron turns him/her into a deadlock, the rogue wants to be a master thief\assassin, etc.

(Captain Kirk Voice): Must. Not. Make. Getting. Luckier. Joke.

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I've never fell characters needed an "incentive" to level up. They adventure, for reasons that usually have nothing to do with their class. "levelling up" is a by-product.

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