Unearthed Arcana Playtest Packet 6 Video

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I'm saddened that Epic Boons were received poorly.

I certainly hope that when they get back around to fighters that they give the class something more than just interaction with Weapon Masteries. I mean, if they're giving Wizards new features, they can afford to throw a bone to Fighters.

With the power of weapon mastery: quarterstaff, their hands are tied, they just have to!

Stunning strike will not only be smacked down hard but the class will still be somehow starving for both the amount of Ki and uses for it at the same time, and the class will have even more useless ribbon abilities.

I nailed it that they were gonna buff Wizard. Ill be shocked if I didn't predict at least some of what they're gonna do to the Monk, if not all of it exactly.


Here's confirmation from their YouTube channel about the deep dive video tomorrow, all Classes confirmed:


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