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I seem to remember seeing an updated version of the Houri variant character class in an old Guide to Unlawful Carnal Knowledge. One of my players is playing a Houri & I've been converting the class from the original 1e White Dwarf article ca 1980 for 3e, but I'd like to compare with what others have done. If you know where to find the class converted to 2e, or better 3e, please let me know, cheers.

Here's some of my conversion:

The Houri, “Nymph of Paradise” (Entertainer/Seductress) Class.

Adapted From Best of White Dwarf Articles 1, 1980.

Alignment: Non-lawful
Religion (IMC): Typically Avanthe-Dlamelish, the erotic aspect of the maiden/mother goddess Avanthe. Aryptian houris revere Isis, Albines revere Inanna, etc
Background: Most common in Marrakeen lands. Similar to bards, they typically learn from an experienced houri in a ‘house of paradise’.
Prime Requisite for Spells: Charisma
Proficient With: Daggers & Pins only (optionally: whips)
Armour causes Arcane Spell failure chances as normal.
Hit Dice: d4
Skill Points: base 8+Int/level
Class Skills: as bard

Special Supernatural Power: Seduction 1/level/day, % chance of success dependent on subtlety of the attempt, the target’s class & level, the garb of the houri, etc, but usually effective.

Spells known

Level 1 2 3 4 5 6
1st 2
2nd 3
3rd 3 2
4th 4 3
5th 4 3 1

Spells per day (bonuses for high CHA apply)

Level 1 2 3 4 5 6
1st 1
2nd 2
3rd 3 1
4th 3 2
5th 4 3 1

1st Level Houri Spells
Charm Person
Detect Charm (range 60’, lasts 20 minutes, detects any charms or other magical influence)
Fascination (male individual, 120’ r, lasts 3h 20min, Will save)
Silvertongue (totally convincing lie, 1-6 targets, 100’ r, lasts 1 hour, Will save)
Impotence (all stats at -4, minimum 1, touch range, lasts 24 hours, Fort save)
Kiss of Healing (restores 1d6 hp+1/level, max +5)
Kiss of Sleeping (target falls into deep coma for (1d10+level)x10 minutes, no save)
Kiss of Waking (negates Kiss of Sleeping or sleep spell)
Read Languages


A long time ago, I edited a fanzine where we published an expanded version of the Houri class. Maybe I can still find the files somewhere.


Starfox said:
A long time ago, I edited a fanzine where we published an expanded version of the Houri class. Maybe I can still find the files somewhere.
Good luck! It fits nicely into the current Arabian-type setting in my game. Player initially wanted to be a bard, but I talked her round... ;)


S'mon said:

Good luck! It fits nicely into the current Arabian-type setting in my game. Player initially wanted to be a bard, but I talked her round... ;)
Found the 2e UCK version. I have to say it's pretty sh*tty IMO, probably because it's based off 2e Wizard rules as a subclass.
I think a Sorceror/Bard type 'spontaneous caster' with limited spell choice is a much better approach. Anyway you already have my ideas (above), if no one else has done anything on the houri for 3e maybe I'll complete my notes.


Houri: Wizard Sub-Class
D E S C R I P T I O N :
The Houri is a nymph of paradise. She was born in a seedy section of a city, growing up in a poor and miserable life but dreaming of a better future. Yet, instead of turning to a life of thievery like most, her beauty and intelligence leads her to a life a magic. Once there, she specializes in charming, enchanting, and seducing.

Some people look down upon her as a disgusting prostitute and vixen. Others view her as a sensual beauty and the most desirable being on the Prime Material Plane.

In addition to normal magic-user requisites, the Houri must have a minimum Charisma of 15 (her voluptuously alluring beauty and charm being evident). Also, a Houri is female (although adjustments can be made for men and thus a Gigolo wizard sub-class is born). Furthermore, she must be of chaotic alignment.

P R E F E R R E D S C H O O L S :
The most appropriate school for the Houri is enchantment/charm.

B A R R E D S C H O O L S :
All other schools are barred.

R O L E :
The Houri is a fun-loving, charming person who can find herself mingling at all the high-class parties with many men-a-calling. She can also be found being a high-class prostitute for the wealthy and well-to-do. Her magic abilities are not always known by the company she keeps, which leads to mystery on why she is so alluring.

Having a terrible and trapped childhood, the Houri is glad to adventure, traveling to many cities being the flirt in each. Her abilities of charm and communication make her valuable when in contact with intelligent beings (she's so irresistible). Because of this, she tends to be viewed as the leader of the group, although this probably isn't true (such matters of tactics, marching order, etc. are of little importance to her).

W E A P O N S K I L L : R E Q U I R E D :
Dagger or knife. The Houri is often fond of long, thin pins such as hat-pins and hair-pins, which can be easily concealed on the Houri's person and do 1-3 points of damage.

N O N W E A P O N S K I L L : B O N U S :
Etiquette, any one of the sexual skills listed in this guide (player's choice).
R E C O M M E N D E D :
(General) Artistic Ability, Dancing, Languages (Modern), Singing (Rogue, no penalty), Gaming.

E Q U I P M E N T :
The Houri can spend her money on anything she likes. Remember, that the Houri should maintain a level of high beauty. Thus, jewelry, fine clothing, and perfumes are a favorite items of purchase for a Houri.

S P E C I A L B E N E F I T S :
The Houri has a special power of seduction described in the "Seduction For The Professional" section. The Houri receives a +3 reaction modifier from men.

S P E C I A L H I N D R A N C E S :
A Houri is not allowed to wear protective armor; indeed, the less clothing she wears, the more effective she is. The Houri receives a -3 reaction modifier from women, for obvious reasons.

The Houri refuses to live the terrible poor life she once had. Thus, when making purchase, the Houri accepts nothing but the best, whether it be a meal, a room for the night, a weapon, or even a chest to carry her possessions. Any time she buys any item, the Houri must pay 10 to 100 percent more than the listed price. The GM will decide the price paid by the Houri, which may vary from item to item, depending on the quality of merchandise in a particular locale.

W E A L T H O P T I O N S :
The Houri receives only (1d4+1) x 5 GP for starting money.

R A C E S :
A Houri can only be human, elven, or half-elven.





kolvar said:
I'm not really all that interested in the netbook of UCK, the houri class is needed for my fairly serious play-by-email (PBEM) game which is based on Conanesque low-fantasy sword & sorcery. The houri class (as originally presented in White Dwarf) fits in well into this. If I wanted to run a sex-centred PBEM I wouldn't choose D&D rules, anyway. The netbook of UCK comes across as a little tongue-in-cheek (and everywhere else of course...) :)


@Cabral: When I posted the links, it was 31st of Jan and I was the first to answer. (I checked)I do not know, what happened to my post (I have not been to the computer yesterday and this is the first post from me on 2nd of Feb.).
Therefore: Those are the same links I posted, except that the link to the board was to the second page (g).

@S'mon: But maybe we would be interested at your Houri version.


I recommend checking out the Guide to UCK anyway. There are some nifty things, like Kiss Spell (metamagic feat) that can be snagged for any serious campaign. (Note: The Monster Manual Sucubus already has something similar)

The spells in your spell list seem to be a conversion of spells from the Rolemaster Companion IV Houri Base Lists. Would you like me to try and convert more? I had considered doing so for the GtUCK anyway ...

I would make the seduction ability a Bluff check or something. Perhaps with a competence bonus based on level.