D&D 5E Unseen Servant

the Jester

Unseen servant is described as "formless" but also as "Medium". It also can only be conjured into an unoccupied space.

Does it occupy a 5' space? This question opens up a can of worms- can you move through it? Can enemies?

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Good question, it's never come up so I haven't had to make the call.

Going strictly by the rules, it has form because it's force but its not a creature and it's mindless. It can't be an ally, or an enemy.

So I would rule that no one can go through it, although you can easily destroy it or push it out of the way. If I were to rule that anyone can go through it then enemies and allies can.


I've always ruled (in several editions) that it occupied a space, but that it lacked the strength to keep anything from shoving it out of the way even solely by accident - moving through its space causes it to be pushed out of said space in the direction the entering creature is moving or in an adjacent direction if that's not possible.

We've always treated it as not a creature, but as basically a telekinetic force that the caster isn't actively using. If anything, it's an intangible object, not a creature. If you walk into the space it occupies, nothing happens because nothing is actually there. Well, whatever the unseen force is carrying is there, but nothing else. The "Medium" descriptor is entirely there to indicate the scope of what the force can accomplish: how far it can reach, what it can enter, how it behaves.

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