Update: Sadly Jennell passed away Jan 10, 2024. Jennell Jaquays, one of the founding creators of this hobby, needs our help.

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Do we know if they still need help? Funeral costs and all that?
The update Rebecca posted today doesn't say whether they'll end up needing more so I would definitely keep an eye on it in case later on she posts another update.
Today, Jennell’s heart stopped 4 times. She didn’t recover. I’ll be paying down her medical bills and will be making funeral arrangements.

I will be grieving for a while.

Thank you for coming out to help Jennell in her time of need.


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In a separate email update that seems to have been sent to people who donated, they've started using the money raised to install handicap access in their home. No idea how soon Jennell might be able to go home though.
Alas, Jennell passed away a few hours ago

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