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[UPDATED] DM's Guild No Longer Allows Creator Logos On Product Covers

The Dungeon Master's Guild - the WotC/DTRPG-run storefront where fans can sell their own D&D content - has updated it terms to clarify that creators cannot put their own logos on the covers of their products. The only permitted logo is the DM's Guild logo itself.

The Dungeon Master's Guild - the WotC/DTRPG-run storefront where fans can sell their own D&D content - has updated it terms to clarify that creators cannot put their own logos on the covers of their products. The only permitted logo is the DM's Guild logo itself.


It should be noted that creators can still put their own logo inside their products. The DMs Guild terms have been updated to reflect this.

Can I use the D&D logo on my DMs Guild title?

The only logo you can use in your title is the DMs Guild logo [found here]

Custom logos and other variations of existing logos are not allowed

Screen Shot 2018-01-30 at 12.13.23.png

The policy change, seen in the image above, was (oddly) announced in a private DM's Guild Fan Club Facebook group owned by David Russell. Fortunately EN World member MerricB screenshot some of the replies to questions.




("CCC" means "Con Created Content")

The policy will be applied for new products, but will not be enforced retroactively on existing products

DMs Guild is a popular way for fans to sell PDF content in exchange for a 50% royalty on sales of their product, along with an exclusivity agreement, and allows access to settings such as the Forgotten Realms. It's a model which has inspired a number of other publisher-led fan stores from companies like Monte Cook Games, Chaosium, even my own little EN Publishing.

Generally speaking, at a quick glance, most covers don't have much by way of personal branding - sometimes a small logo, or a line name like the Power Score RPG PDF shown below. One of the items below has D&D Beyond branding on it, and it would be interesting to see if the policy applies to that product. However, it does seem like this will make it more difficult for small companies or groups using different authors to build a following on the site; individual authors, on the other hand, should find it easier.


Last year, WotC announced a new policy where they promote a group of ten or so DMs Guild authors; these were called the "DMs Guild Adepts", who they give special attention to in marketing, podcasts, and so on, along with their own special gold branding logo. This was initially promoted as a way of sorting quality product from the thousands of items on the store.

OBS' Jason Bolte commented on the reasons for the change:

"There are a number of reasons for the change, and it’s something we’ve discussed internally for a while now. One impetus is to be consistent across all of our community creation platforms. Another reason is to have clearer rules that we can enforce given our existing resources.

The DMs Guild logo we provide is intended to satisfy a lot of the messaging that others logos would normally do. First, it signifies that the product is a member of the wonderful community that is the DMs Guild. Second, it signals that the product is for the Dungeons & Dragons game. We have provided it to this amazing group specifically for those reasons.

The problem comes with the other branding, which often trends toward copyright infringement or trademark violations. Variations on the Dungeons & Dragons logo, the D&D branding, other DMs Guild logos, etc are common on new titles coming into the site. As we see more and more permutations, the lines get fuzzier and grayer, and it’s difficult for us to keep up and enforce. And since we’re dealing with intellectual property, branding, and trademarks in a retail setting, there are a number of reasons for us to find clear and enforceable rules for creators both old and new.

So those are some of the many reasons a for the change in policy. We are always evaluating the site and watching its evolution, and we will continue to update our policies as the site grows and the community it makes more and more excellent content."

I've added some more information from the private Facebook group, since this information will be useful to anybody who uses the DMs Guild. Answers below are from OBS employees Jason Bolte and Matt McElroy.

  • Can a text brand be included? "...yes, text is still fine, as long it does not approach branded text." (I'm not sure what that means).
  • Is the logo mandatory? "We’re still heavily encouraging that people use that logo. It’s not mandatory at this time, but we will evaluate that policy as well"
  • Does this only apply to community created content, or to Con-Created Content? "It only applies to community created content"
  • Are the red "D&D sashes" OK? "I’d say they’re ok as long as they’re not used as branding. Namely, don’t try to emulate or make a spinoff of WotC logos. If you use the sashes as a byline, that should be fine (Written by xxx).... In my estimation, as long as the red sash is not used in a stylistic manner to promote a brand, it is fine. Once you start using it as a brand, then there are issues. If you don’t know if you’re using it correctly, then ask!"
  • Is this actually new? "There has never been a time were D&D logos have been allowed on the covers. The only logo that was allowed before today is the same one that was only allowed previously. What we’re attempting to make more clear is that logos like “Bob’s Gaming Company” are not allowed on covers."
  • Followup to above: "Basically the rules for community content have always been there. I was just bad at enforcing them and the FAQ wasn’t helpful, it actually made things more confusing. Adventurers League is not part of the community content program and has its own templates, rules and administration."
  • About Fantasy Grounds. "FG logo is allowed on FG titles, we’re going to add a section to the FAQ linking to the FG section of the FAQ and clarifying that."

Florian Emmerich asked about the product depicted below. OBS' Jason Bolte confirmed that "If you’re asking about the P. B. Publishing Presents part, then yes, that would be would qualify as what we don’t want on the cover".



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Makes sense. They don't want a repeat of the 3e era experience where WotC met competition by the ones "supposed" to play in their own walled garden.

This way, they put a lid on the possibility that some 3PP product lines become popular and well-known in their own right; making it harder to leverage your success into a stand-alone brand.

/Someone that quite likes the notion that your main motivator for producing fan material is simply the gratification of sharing, rather than monetization.

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Well, I'm sure they could come up with a worse policy, if they really tried. I doubt they could come up with a worse way of announcing it, though.

Kabouter Games

It's worth noting that, irrespective of what the OBS employees say on Facebook, the FAQ says you can't use another logo in your product at all.

Read it again: "The only logo you can use in your title is the DMs Guild logo." [emphasis mine]

I really wish they'd get their act together.

This is :):):):):):):):).

Okay, blocking people from using WotC/TSR logos they do not have the right to use is fine. I should not be able to put an FR or DMsGuild or D&D logo on the cover. I should not be able to make the book look more official than it actually is.
(And there are people who do slip in the actual FR logo and such.)

But banning the logo of my personal publishing house is a huge dick move. That's one of the best ways to recognise who the "publisher" of a particular book is at a glance.
With the content/noise ratio of the DMsGuild it's pretty hard to get noticed and even harder to build a following. This is going to cost people sales and money. It won't affect the people who already have a solid rep and sizeable back catalog (M.T. Black) but it will likely hurt the newcomers and middle rung writers who are still trying to get noticed.


It seems like nothing was being hurt by this or else they'd have found it a LOT sooner. Kinda messed up to implement something now. DMs guild has been out quite a long time now, if it were hindering sales or something It'd have happened by now. Not that I was ever interested in the DM guild, even though I've gotten my own setting/classes/races/etc in book form, I'd have thought about putting it up there but definitely am going to pass now. My logo and entire project is incredibly important to everything I do via youtube channel, podcast, liveplay all that stuff. Either way , no loss for me but sucks for other people im sure. /shrug


Well, that was fun
Staff member
The only part of the cover you see on DMs Guild is a teeny little thumbnail. You can't really see the logos anyway, unless you go out of your way to enlarge the image.

Other thoughts:
A lot of publishers like to put the sales icon on the cover, as a badge of being a high selling product. That's now banned.

Also not permissible would be putting the "Fantasy Grounds" logo on the product, to differentiate material made for that platform.

Plus, what defines a logo?
Is text a logo? Would the "name" of, say, Power Score RPG count as a logo:
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