[Updated] Who's Playing What On Fantasy Grounds? Final Stats For 2016!

I've just received the latest usage statistics from the good folks over at the Fantasy Grounds virtual tabletop showing which game systems are being played on their system. The last set of stats from Fantasy Grounds were back in January, covering up to Q4 2106. This latest set runs through June 2017. So, what's changed? Not a lot as it happens. D&D 5E's share has increased from 58% to 62%, Pathfinder has drooped to 11%, Savage Worlds has increased to 7%, and D&D 3.5 has dropped from 6% to 4%, leaving Other Games to drop from 17% to 16%.

UPDATE - they sent me the wrong pie chart. This is the correct one. Updated notes, above.​



RulesetTotal Games
Call Of Cthulhu9,186
Star Wars EotE8,313
Iron Kingdoms4,818
Castles and Crusades3,140
Fate Core1,803
Basic Roleplaying1,800
World of Darkness1,053
Grand Total536,754


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Savage Worlds is very well supported on Fantasy Grounds and Pinnacle Entertainment Games (PEG) is also growing and doing extremely well with 14 or so successful Kickstarter projects in just the last few years. From PEG (not us), there was a RIFTS campaign that raised $438K on KS, a Deadlands 20th Anniversary Edition that raised $181K on KS and the rest that raised between $35k to $100K each -- all for different properties and genres. The majority of these eventually make their way onto Fantasy Grounds. Once you've played any Savage Worlds games, the transition to a new system within Savage Worlds is very simple.

Call of Cthulhu has been picking up with a fairly new release for CoC 7th Edition and a new FG ruleset to go with it.

Official Pathfinder support is up to 9 converted products so far with several other products in the works.

D&D gets a very steady stream of new users on Fantasy Grounds. Many of these are converts from pen & paper but we see enough comments and questions that a fair number appear to be from people who have never played it face-to-face before either.

Last but not least, we've been working on a WOIN ruleset for a very long time and we hope to finally get that out into the public sphere in the next several months.

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Well, that was fun
Staff member
What are "CoreRPG", "MoreCore" (I assume those two are related?), and "AD"?

It’s their “generic” RPG module, I believe. They have specific one for a whole bunch of games, but you can just use the core one which presumably doesn’t have integrated rules but still has all the dice rolling, mapping, etc.


CoreRPG is the base ruleset, it has next to no automation and just handles dice rolls and lets you make a customized char sheet for systems that aren't supported by specialized rulesets.

MoreCore is a community generic ruleset that is layered on top of CoreRPG that has some specialized rolls for game systems that aren't supported.

Not sure what AD is.


I couldn't tell what AD was, so I left it as-is. In clear cases where I saw derivatives of the same, or very similar, rulesets, I collapsed those into one category. For example, WH40K had a bunch of different ones for Dark Heresy and other variants where I'm guessing the main difference was a re-skinning.


I guess I would be part of that increase for 5th, although I've been playing 5th since it's release, I have just recently within the last couple of months starting using Fantasy grounds. My use of Fantasy grounds is more for the virtual table top of which I project onto table with a laptop and projector. So me it's saves me a ton of prep work and the amount of stuff I have to carry. Now if they can just get those upgrades done like dynamic lighting....

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