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Updating my Sentinel Comics Resource Blog again

Been pretty much on hiatus since my active games all wrapped up over the 2023-2024 break, but an upcoming slow patch on the GTG forums jarred me into a semblance of activity again. Figured it was worth mentioning over here as a reminder for anyone who'd gotten tired of looking for new content.

Today's post is a new environment meant for use with wrecked giant war machines, fallen giant robots, demolished bases, kaiju corpses, and similar non-functional Very Large Things. More (hopefully) to come as I mine my old campaign notes for material. Also been doing some housecleaning and editing while the blog was in torpor, including making the main index a bit more useable.
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Actually got to play in a one-shot over the weekend and posted my character from it to the blog. Interesting idea from the GM, he wanted everyone to build heroes who had some connection to the 1960s (legacy heroes, people coming out of retirement, immortals, whatever) to deal with a Big Bad who'd time-hopped from the Summer of Love to 2024 for...reasons. Nice to get a Sentinels game in again, it's been a while.

Continuing my fitful blogging with a new villain. I was reminded the other day that this baddy hadn’t gotten posted when I was making my big push - he’d overlapped with the earlier Deadface as a Bully/Inhibitor build - but they have fairly different styles so there’s no reason not to put him up now.

Tirade, A deranged Conspiracy Theorist Turned Demagogue Supervillain

He's at least partly inspired by the throbbing headaches I've gotten from dealing with particularly obdurate conspiracy theorists over the years, hence his signature Weaponized Delusions power.

I occasionally get people asking about other online reseources for the SCRPG, so I’ve put up a brief post with links to things that I’ve found most useful/interesting over the last few years. As it says on the post, if anyone else has links they’d like to suggest I’ll take a look and update accordingly.

Other SCRPG Online Resources

So apparently I got this guy about 90% done, shoved the post in drafts and proceeded to forget about it for…almost a year? Which means I spent the last few months thinking I was done with my “one of every villain approach and archetype” project when, in fact, my Ancient Squad baddie was loitering in electronic limbo. Sigh.

Anyway, here he is with his band of signature lieutenants:

Othar Kurst - Cursed immortal doomed to walk the Earth till the final judgement, pawn of dark powers beyond his comprehension, pretty much done with the whole schtick and just wants to get it all over with.

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